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Kalika Temple

The highest-flying temple of the Reasi district is the Kalika Temple. It is a very popular temple situated in the district of Reasi in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kalika temple is also popularly known as Mahakali temple. In the heart of the main city perched on the hilltop, Kalika temple has thousands of devotees. It has a very convenient location close to the Bus Stand. The temple gained lot of significance with the passage of time because of the strong faith of the people in Kalika Mata. During the festival of Navratri large number of devotees visits this temple for blessing of the Kalika Mata. The local people of the district of Reasi have contributed to the construction and maintenance of the beautiful temple. They also actively participate in the development of the temple for the interest of the devotees coming to Reasi every year.

About Kalika Temple

The beautiful and captivating Mahakali Temple is found perched on the hilltop of Jammu. The average elevation of the state is 327m. The mesmerising and captivating temple is located on the uneven ridges of the Shivalik Hills. The average distance of Jammu (where the temple is located) from Delhi is around 600 km. The ever-increasing faith of the people in the divine power of Maha Kali has led to the worldwide prominence of the temple. The Hindu community living around the region come to the temple for acquiring blessings.

History of Kalika Temple

Maha Kali is known for its divine and mystical power gifted by god. The historical prominence of the Kalika Temple lies in the fact that it was built around 300 years ago. PunditJagat Ram Sharma in his sub-conscious mind saw Kalika Mata in his dream. In the form of a Pindi (stone) her presence was indicated which was later found under the hill. After an excavation procedure held in the region the Pindi was discovered. Therefore in the name of Kalika Mata a temple was built andPundit Jagat Ram Sharma was appointed as the caretaker of the temple.

Getting There and Around

There are various kinds of transport available for the devotees and pilgrims to visit the holy place.

  • By Air- The three major Airports of the state are situated in Ladakh, Jammu and Srinagar. These Airports connects the region with the rest of India including Delhi. Therefore tourists not only come from the surrounding region but also from different parts of India. The ease of transport attracts more and more tourists every year.
  • By Trackways- The primary railhead of Jammu and Kashmir is Jammu Tawi.  The important towns and cities of India are connected to the region with the help of this railhead. The popular express trains running through the region are:
    • Jammu Rajdhani Express to New Delhi
    • Shalimar Express to Delhi Sarai
    • Vivek Express to Mumbai
    • Shalimar Express to Delhi.
  • By Roadways - The National Highway is popularly used by devotees and pilgrims to reach the temple. This highway runs through the entire city including Punjab connecting it to Srinagar and the rest of the state. The Corporation of the State for Transport runs several buses to the big cities and towns of North India. Tourists coming to the place also explore the scenic beauty of the place. Manali, Srinagar and Ladakh have easy accessibility because of the extensive road networks in the region.

The easy accessibility of the holy place makes it a popular destination for both pilgrims and tourists to enjoy the picturesque view from the hill top and also achieve the blessings of Mahakali in the Kalika temple.

The Annual Festivals

The city of Jammu is very popularly known as the “city of temples”. It creates the ambience of a beautiful holy city with numerous shrines and Temples. The city’s skyline is dotted by glittering and colourful Shikharas, which soar up to the sky. The mesmerising beauty of the place and the divine power associated with the place adds both elegance and beauty to the region. The Hindus regard Kalika temple as the major centre for pilgrimage therefore large number of devotees visit the region every year. The amalgamation of different culture in the region has led to celebration of various festivals leading to the revival of the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The Makar Sankranti festival marks the beginning of the spring season. The whole temple wears a beautiful festive look on this day. On this special occasion a special dance is organised called Chajja. A beautiful procession is held on the street where boys dance is organised to add to the recreational activities. The place sees huge influx of tourists during this season to enjoy the colourful festival. The pulsating drumbeats add life to the atmosphere of the region.

Bahu Mela is popularly held in the Bahu fort in the Kalika Temple. The people of Jammu celebrate the Baisakhi festival with great pomp and show in the Kalika temple. Thousands of tourists from all over India come to Kalika temple to celebrate the occasion of Vaisakh with dance. Numerous fairs and Melas are organised for the recreation of the pilgrims.

The Jhir Mela is also popularly celebrated every year. The fair is held in the name of Baba jitu. People from different parts of India come to Jammu to celebrate the Mela to revere honesty, courage and compassion from Baba Jitu. Pilgrims come to the region to enjoy such colourful festivals and also secure blessings from the famous Mahakali. These kinds of fairs and festivals attract large number of tourists to Jammu and to the Kalika temple each year.


The temple got prominence due to the immense faith of the people on Kalika Mata. The beautiful temple of Mahakali is shrouded in myths and legends leading to the popularity of the place.The selfless contribution of the local people led to the construction and development of the Kalika temple. During festivals the temple is given a novel look, which attracts huge number of tourists each year.

After the miraculous incident, which led to the construction of the Kalika Temple people, go to the temple to acquire blessings and also to get rid of diseases. It is the faith of the people that Maha Kali herself blesses those Pilgrims who come to visit the temple. There have been instances in the past where people got cured of their diseases. Though it might seem inappropriate for a scientific mind but huge influx of tourists each year reveal that there must be some substance in the belief of the people.

Best Time to Visit

The district of Reasi where Kalika Temple is located has a temperate climate like the rest of Jammu. The region has three seasons namely monsoon, summer and winter. Tourists love to frequent the place during summers, which are very mild and soothing. Less number of tourists visits the temple during winters because it is not so hospitable. Adventurous tourists love to frequent the place during winter to participate in winter sports. However summers are the best time to visit the temple because the weather is very inviting and pleasant.

The region receives scanty rainfall and snowfall. The short summers are usually experienced in the months of April, May and June. The winters are usually long and last for around six months from October to March. The spring season is also a very apt time for visiting the temple since tourists love to enjoy the picturesque landscape with wide variety of flora and fauna during this time.


Owing to the Popularity

of Jammu as one of the most preferred locations for tourist many exotic hotels and guest houses are built in the region for the convenience of the tourists. Though there are many popular hotels in the region for the tourist to choose from some of the popular hotels that have been topping the priority list of tourists coming to Jammu are:

  • Country Inn and Suites by Carlson- It is a spacious hotel providing luxurious rooms combined with excellent scenic views in the lush landscape of India. The services offered are convenient and flexible for the ease of the guest. Guest takes pleasure in picturesque views of the Himalayan ranges in the lap of nature.
  • Vardaan Hotel- The location of the hotel is very convenient and is located close to the market and shopping centres. It is a very economical hotel where a variety of services are available at excellent packages. Other additional facilities are spacious rooms with air conditions and LCD television. The staffs of this hotel are very courteous towards the guest. Therefore the guest regards this hotel to be one of the best in the region. It also provides additional facilities like coffee stations for spending a leisurely time in the evenings.
  • Fortune Inn Riviera- The exotic location of the hotel attracts many guests each year. It is situated on the banks of the Tawi River, which is located in close proximity to the Railway Station and Airport. Every modern day traveller love to enjoy this perfect destination with comfort and style.

The extensive variety of hotels in the region increased the number of tourist each year. Pilgrims enjoy the climate and also get to spend a luxurious vacation in the beautiful Himalayan Ranges.

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