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Dhoula Wali Mata Temple

  • Location

Kathua city, Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Built By

A shepherd

  • Built In

19th century

  • Dedicated to

Hindu goddess, Douli wali Mata

  • Attraction

treks and popular landmarks in vicinity

India is famous for its spirituality and theology all over the world. India has been land to the oldest epic, ‘Rig-Veda’. The country holds its roots to a speculative yet holy mythology. However, the strongest proof is the concrete faith of devotees towards the omnipresent almighty present in the temples. One of the most famous ones is Dhoula wali mata temple located in the city of Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir in India.

About the Temple, Dhoula Wali Mata Temple

This temple is most famous for its place in mythological literature. The story around Dhoula wali mata temple revolves around the construction of an epical structure. This temple is devoted to a Hindu goddess Dhoula Devi and it lies in the northern most part of the country. This holy temple remains swarming with the hymns of devotees, especially during the festive season of Navratras.

The prevailing story behind construction of this temple complex is something like this. The temple was built on the base of a dream in which a shepherd belonging to the place dreamt of a deity who has come down to mandi dhar in the form of a young girl child. The shepherd had great faith on Devi and he worshipped her regularly. When he started moving, the weather turned foul and it started snowing. However, the shepherd managed to reach mandi dhar, after facing insurmountable difficulties. Realising his discomfort and pain, mata said that she would go to where Dhouli Wali Mata is situated now. Owing to the prophecy of mata the shepherd is believed to have built this temple of Dhoula wali mata at Kathua. Located in the upper Himalayas or great Himalayas at a height of 6000ft above sea level, this temple is located 10kms away from Jodia Di Mata Temple.

Attractions Close to Dhoula Wali Mata Temple

Dhoula wali mata temple is a famous attraction in itself for pilgrims visiting the place. It remains crowded during navratras. Some of the famous temples nearby are Jodia Di Mata Temple, Kheer bhawani Temple and others. This place also offers opportunities to the adventure seekers because to get to the temple one has to undertake a beautiful trek. This famous temple in abode of Himalayas can be reached from Katli (Billawarr), Bhoond (Basohli), Banhore (Mahanpur).

People visiting Dhoula wali mata temple also get to Aharbal waterfall, Apharwat peak, Yousmarg and Baisaran. Some other popular attractions in Kathua district close to Dhoula wali mata temple are:

  1. Banjal Garden of Natural Flowers

  2. Chandel Valley

  3. Gurdwara Singh Sabha

  4. Duggan Valley

  5. Shree Anand Ashram

  6. Narsingh Ji Temple

  7. Sapt Sarober Mandir

  8. Ranjit Sagar Dam

  9. Sukrala Mata Temple

  10. Airwan Temple

  11. Jodia Di Mata Religious Center

  12. Asha Purani Mandir

  13. Mata Bala Sundri

Climatic Conditions at the Shrine

Climate here tends to remain pleasant all through the year. But there are wide climatic variations in some part of the areas. Climate varies from sub-tropical to temperate area and even alpine in higher regions of Bani and Lohai-Malhar blocks. Winters can get extreme, therefore summer and autumn are the best time to visit this shrine. Tourists are suggested to avoid traveling to this shrine in monsoons months as there can be problems related to landslides. The best month to reach Dhoula wali mata temple is therefore from April to June, before the start of monsoons.

How to Reach the Temple

By Air

If you wish to travel via air, the nearest airport is Jammu Satwari Airport (8 km from Jammu).

By Rail

If you wish to travel via rail transport, railways links connect Kathua to Jammu and Pathankot. Besides, the journey can also be tracked by local bus transport in the area. It takes an approximate of 2 .5 hours from Kathua to Jammu.

By Road

Jammu and Kashmir is a recognized center of tourism in India and it is managed through a well connected system of transport. Kathua Transport union buses keep moving the tourists and devotees to and fro to their destinations.

Bus facility for the shrine can be availed from Kathua, Jammu, Udhampur, and Pathankote to reach Billawar, Bhoond, Basohli, and Mahanpur.

Festivals Honored

Durga Navratri is celebrated with a lot of energy and pomp at the shrine. It receives thronging devotees for Devi darshan for the dance and festivity. The festival falls twice in a year and it is celebrated with grand fervour and enthusiasm. To gain all-round success in life, believers seek blessings of all three aspects of divine femininity, hence the nine nights of worship. The durga festival is another important festival celebrated at Dhoula wali mata temple.

Best Time to Visit

This shrine remains open for tourists all throughout the year. However, an apt time to visit this place is between April and June. This area remains connected all round the year with well serviced road, rail and air service connectivity.


Sarais are available near the shrine. Besides, Jammu consists of a large number of hotels and restaurants that can provide best accommodation as per your desire

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