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Manma Mata Temple

Manma Mata Temple, located at a distance of 6 km from the hilly town of Kalakote, is one of the most important places of Hindu worship in Jammu and Kashmir. This shrine of Manma Mata is situated near a cave alongside the main road. A popular temple among devotees coming from all corners of the world, it is well accessed from Jammu-which is 81 km away. Tucked amongst many scenic lakes, lush green terraces and scenic Himalayan heights, Manma Mata Temple is dedicated to Mata Devi.

About Manma Mata Temple

Manma Mata Temple has a lot of religious significance and attracts devotees to the southern side of Kalakote town, situated in Rajouri district. The towns/villages of Rajouri district fringe the borders of Pakistan and are the centers of insurgencies and army patrolling. However, the harmonious relationship between the Hindu and Muslim population in the area is clearly visible in the large numbers of mosques and temples brushing their boundaries with each other.

It is believed that a cave near the temple was once visited by Lord Shiva and was the place chosen by Manma Devi to perform her meditation. Over years, a beautifully painted temple has been built near this cave by devotees of Manma Mata. The holy temple is greatly revered because of its spiritual powers and millions of devotees visit this temple with offerings like flowers, coconuts, vermilion, sweets and incense.

A yagna is organized on the eve of nine days of Navratri Puja at Manma Devi Temple. Thousands of devotees strive to visit the temple on this day and participate in religious activities connected with the yagna.

Devotees visiting Manma Mata Temple also like to go around the district and have mesmerizing experiences of its captivating lakes and beautiful hills. This region is appropriately known as the “Vale of Lakes” and is also home to Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University.


Manma Mata Temple provides testimony to the cultural and historical past of Rajouri district. This region finds prominence in Mahabharata and is said to have been visited by Pandava brothers during their exile. More evidences can be found in writings of Yuan Chawang—a Chinese traveler and writer, who has briefly mentioned Poonch, Rajouri and Abhisara in his writings along with the temples here. He also mentioned the reign of Kambojas in 7th century.

Getting There and Around

By Air

Jammu provides easy accessibility to tourists who prefer travelling by air. Located a distance of about 150 km from Jammu, Rajouri district is well connected to the rest of the world via this air base in Jammu. Jammu Airport hosts regular flight services and carriers from Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Mumbai. Srinagar/Jammu are favorite haunts for international travelers disembarking at the Delhi International Airport, located about 850 km away. Regular bus services and taxies can be availed from Jammu airport to reach the temple of Manma Mata.

By Rail

Jammu is the nearest rail head for devotees traveling to Manma Mata Temple. Jammu is connected by many trains and broad gauged lines with important cities and towns of the country. With direct connectivity to Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Trivandrum and other important centers of Southern India, this important shrine is linked to the rest of the country via Jammu.

After getting off at the railway station of Jammu, tourists and devotees can avail regular bus services and private taxis to Kalakote. This picturesque journey passes through beautiful winding roads and takes commuters through the natural bounties of India’s northern most state.

By Road

Visitors and devotees wishing to experience the spiritual delights of Manma Mata Temple can do so by hiring axis or availing regular bus services to the Rajouri district. It is important to note that direct bus connections are not available for Kalakote and they have to first reach Jammu. Regular bus services are available between Jammu and other important town/cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla. After alighting at Jammu bust stand, devotees can hire taxies for Kalakote or book a bus ticket which brings them to this beautiful hillside town.

Manma Mata Temple- The Annual Festival

This temple complex is best visited during the months of Navratri (April/September) when devotees from far and near come all the way to seek blessings of this powerful goddess. The environs echoes with loud musical chants in praise of Manma Mata during this annual festival and the ambience is totally electrifying and highly spiritual.


According to local folklore and legends, Lord Shiva had visited scenic terrains of Kashmir through a cave located near Manma Devi in Rajouri. Later, Manma Mata had visited this region and spent a lot of time meditating in peaceful precincts of the cave and areas beyond. It is believed that a bull once fell off from a high mound at the cave but was saved due to spiritual powers of Manma Devi. Ever since, this cave has been revered and worshipped by natives of the region.

There are many temples here dedicated to Goddess Shakti and her different incarnations such as Vaishno Devi, Manma Devi and Kali. They are a place of joyous festivities and celebrations during Navratri. With passion, devotion, faith and festivity in the air, devotees strive to seek blessings of the Goddess for knowledge, wealth, prosperity and other potent powers to tackle hurdles in their life.

According to legendary tales, Goddess Manma Mata alights on Earth from her heavenly abode and stays in her maternal abode in the mountains for these nine days. Traditional offerings and religious prayers begin in lunar month of Ashvin with dates of various important rituals being determined in accordance to Hindu Lunar Calendar.

While Chaitra Navratri held in April ends with Ram Navami, celebrations of Sharad Navratri culminate with Dusshera and Durga Puja. Devotees of Manma Mata prefer to observe a fast during this period and refrain from alcohol, non vegetarian food and other material pleasures.

Best Time to Visit

Rajouri district is surrounded by mind blowing hilly terrains and lush green terraces which are worth a visit in the pleasant months of summers. Devotees visiting Manma Mata Temple like to do so in the months of April to September when temperature ranges between 20 to 30 degrees centigrade. The climate in these areas is comparatively cooler than that in Duggardesh plains.

Lying at an altitude of 562-4800m, this district suffers long and harsh winters. Western disturbances can create pressurizing situations for travelers with landslides, road blockages and occasional snowfall.

Rains in Rajouri make the region greener and all the more beautiful. The highest rainfall recorded in and around Kalakote notches the scale of 769 millimeters (26.3in) in the wettest months.


Kalakote, located about 6km from Manma Mata Temple, is a land of valleys and hilly terraces. Devotees and tourists in these parts of the world do not get access to well equipped accommodation facilities. Most visitors prefer to leave for Rajouri which is located at a motor able distance from the temple complex. Himanshu Hotel is a small resting place in Rajouri which offers travelers with good boarding and lodging facilities.

Manma Mata Temple can also be accessed from Srinagar which is located about 120 km away. Tourists love to savor the delights of this beautiful capital city of Jammu and Kashmir. Set amidst scenic terrains of Himalayas, this cosmopolitan city boasts of several accommodation facilities which include:

Hotel Heemal

This beautiful hotel is located right on the banks of pretty Dal Lake in Srinagar. It enjoys the distinction of being one of the most reputed and sought after hotels in the city. Its 72 rooms face the lake and provide all modern amenities and facilities befitting a discerning traveler.

Guests staying at Hotel Heemal like to enjoy various Mughlai and Indian cuisines cooked by experienced chefs. The perfect retreat after a long day of hectic sightseeing, Hotel Heemal also provides conferencing facilities and a well designed garden.

Hotel Kongposh

Located within walking distance of Tourist Reception Center and about 15 km from the airport, Hotel Kongposhprovides comfortable lodging and boarding facilities. It boasts of affordable tariff, world class services and all modern amenities required to make tourists feel at home.

Hotel Cheshmashahi

Hotel Cheshmashahi, which provides magnificent views of the Dal Lake below and lush Zabarwan Mountain sides beyond, offers therapeutic properties of cool springs of Cheshmashahi Gardens. This accommodation facility is well known for its Cheshmashahi Hutments, which are located 7 km away from TRC.

Along with well appointed rooms, internal dining space and brightly furnished sitting rooms, this venue also provides access to the famous JKTDC Cheshmashahi Restaurant which pampers guests with its delectable menu options and mouth watering dishes.

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