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Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib

This is one of the famous Gurudwaras that can be found in the beautiful city of Chandigarh at sector 34. Chandigarh is quite a significant city as it serves as capital of Punjab and Haryana states.

During Independence when British India was partitioned into India and Pakistan the state of Punjab too was divided and the capital Lahore was located in Pakistan.

Once upon a time, there was a village named Fategarh which was managed by the Chandigarh administration during the years 1971-1972. During those days, the Gurudwara was run by the Dharamshala of the village, however, when the village people were asked to evacuate, the Gurudwara was taken over completely by the villagers themselves. However at sector 13, it was noticed that the lands available for running the Gurudwara were not vast enough. Therefore, during 1980, the Chandigarh administration allocated 6 kanal ofland. With the help of this additional land, the first stage of building was completed in 1984, 4 years after the initial plan. During the same year, the Chandigarh administration gave away 3 more kanal of land due to which the second building of the Gurudwara was constructed. As the Gurudwara started getting bigger and better, the administration of Chandigarh allotted 4 additional kanal of land in the recent past for the welfare of the Gurudwara.

Currently work is under progress for the construction of a newer and expansive building. The Sikh followers are doing all that they can to develop this place because they consider this place quite sacred as it was visited personally the great Sikh Gurus, Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh and Guru Gobind Singh. The new building that is going to come up is based on an beautiful, well thought about plan and aims to serve more members in the society.

The managing committee of this Gurudwara is responsible for the administration and welfare activities. The General House of the society elects the executive members of the administration.

Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib: The Ninth Guru of the Sikhs

Guru Teg Bahadur was originally named as Tyagmal. He was the youngest son of Mata Nanaki and father, Sri Guru Har Gobind Singh. He was born in a place called Guru Ke Mahal in Amritsar. The Guru, who behaved like a saint even in his early years, lived with his parents only till he was 9 years old.

As a young boy, Tyagmal was well trained in the nuances of spirituality and martial arts. He exhibited courage, boldness and was not scared of anything. He was ready to renounce all material pleasures. He was trained under the able guidance of his father, Sri Guru Har Gobind Singh. Over a period of time, Tyagmal earned immense expertise in propagating the philosophies of the Guru Mat and handling the sword for fencing activities. In the Sikh language, Teg was also known as sword. Therefore, Tyagmal came to be known as Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib.

Special Features of the Gurudwara

  • Morning and evening function every day and special functions on Sundays
  • Events of importance like Gurpurabs and Seminars
  • Free library facilities
  • Complimentary dispensary facilities for men and women
  • Educational aid for the needy
  • Monetary assistance for the underprivileged and poor patients and for families below poverty line

Best Visiting Time

This Gurudwara can be enjoyed to the maximum when visited during the months between August and November as the weather is very pleasant during this time.

How to Reach

This is one of the most famous shrines in the entire Chandigarh city and is probably the most famous on sector 34 D. Buses (government and private), taxis, autos, cars etc. ply in frequent numbers to his place.

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