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Traffic Rules

Driving without the mentioned documents is illegal.

Traffic Signals

Red - To stop the traffic

Your vehicle should completely be at halt behind the cross walk or the stop line. When light is green, you go ahead.

Amber – Caution

If you have come into the crossroads and the light changes to yellow, make your movements very careful. If the light is yellow before you are entering, then prevent the vehicle at the back of cross walk or stop line.

Green - Go on

When light is green, go through intersection cautiously. Use blinking indicators of vehicle before turning to your desired direction.

Flashing Signals

  • One should completely halt the vehicle when a red flashing signal is there. One should move to the crossroads when it is secure to do so.
  • A yellow flashing signal means a cautious driving.

Pedestrian Signals

The pedestrian signals help walking persons to cross intersection safely. If pedestrian face a red stable human figure, then entrance on path is not allowed. If one is already on the path, then cross the road swiftly if signal has started flashing. If you are just to connect the road, then stop immediately.

If there is a constant green human figure, then walk carefully.

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