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Chandigarh is a union territory and the capital city of the two states of Haryana and Punjab. Thus, main employers of Chandigarh are different Governments. Most of the populace of Chandigarh is employed with either one of these Governments of UT, Haryana and Punjab or are settled here after their retirement from Government services. Sometimes Chandigarh is called “paradise of Pensioners” due to these reasons. Some of the residents earn their livelihood from the Industries indulged in different production and sales activities. The main manufacturing industries include basic chemicals, metal and alloys, machinery and paper etc. with other industries like metal products, IT, transport equipments and repairing services, electric goods and food products.

Economic Overview

Being a Union Territory and capital city of both the states of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh is at an advantageous position to grow economically at quick speed. These reasons also enhance the ample activities for business and commercial purposes. Chandigarh is often called the ‘wealthiest city’ of India because the per capita income in Chandigarh is pretty high. Most of the population of Chandigarh is serving the three Governments under different categories.

Chandigarh city is an upcoming centre of different commercials fields such as Education, Information technology, Service Industries, food processing industries and health etc. Panchkula and Mohali are the adjacent areas of Haryana and Punjab respectively thus making Chandigarh a ‘tri City’ together. Plenty of commercial activities in these areas have enhanced the overall economy of Chandigarh. Government has also advanced the diverse policies for the formation of special economic zones to attract the investors in the fields of Bio-technology and information technology. Now, Chandigarh is emerging as the most sought after destination for IT industries in the country due to all these industrial friendly policies.

As a matter of fact, still the economy of Chandigarh depends on the revenue from animal husbandry, industrial, fishing, tourism, IT and agriculture sectors. The major and versatile engineering and other products are crockery, wool tops, biomedical instruments, cables, antibiotics, tire and tubes, house fitting items, auto parts, bicycle parts and hosiery items with many more.

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