Teeyan festival is synonymous to well-being, affluence and pleasure. Indian women and young unmarried girls gather collectively on this very religious and joyous festival to celebrate and make merry for the beginning of monsoon season. Teeyan or Teej is extensively popular in the northern area of India like Chandigarh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa.

The meaning of the word “TEEYAN”, which in Punjabi pronunciation is ‘tee-aan’, reflects the celebration of flourishing and blissful married life. The newly married girls come to their parental house to celebrate this festival along with their friends and welcome the rainy season for good. For this occasion, usually a fair is planned where they enjoy the riding on swing. This is a time when rural women particularly indulge and enjoy themselves in buying bead necklaces, bangles, bindis, apply henna tattoos on feet and hands and eating splendid dishes.

The married women receive gifts and cloths on this occasion from their parents and other male relatives. The ladies of Chandigarh look forward to celebrate ‘TEEYAN’ every year and start preparing for the festival well ahead of time for competitions like Charkha (spinning wheel), Giddha Dance (known as sister of Bhangra), Bholiyan (couplets), Mehendi (Henna) art, Sidhni (mockery) and crown for Miss Teeyan.

The women on this day dress themselves in their best cloths adorned by customary ornaments to gather at one place to celebrate this event and look like a mixture of beauty and color.


Young men and women ardently celebrate the festival of ‘Teej’. Many colleges and schools in Punjab arrange cultural programmes and competitions at the Teej functions. Few of the competitions are arranged on higher level with wholly cultural and traditional themes and are attended by superior Government officers. Categories for competitions include dance, mehendi, painting, singing and rangoli etc. Young girls avidly participate in Teej beauty contests which are organized in colleges to win diverse titles such as “Baby Teej”, “Miss Teej” and “Teej Queen”.

The celebrations of Teej in villages are also full of bliss and vitality. Women and girls get together to carry out Teej rituals. After adorning their feet and hands with elaborate Mehendi designs, the females swing on decked swings known as peeng.

Girls dedicate the dance of Gidda on Teej to their would-be-husband or husband. These Teej dances along with songs depict that women are not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their lovers and offer prayers after dances for well being of their spouses.

Teeyan or Teej fairs are elaborated with shops and stalls displaying all the traditional items.

Cultural Functions on Teeyan

Many colleges and schools in Punjab arrange cultural programs and competitions to celebrate ‘TEEYAN’. Few programs are arranged on large scale which are participated by superior Government officials also. With complete traditional and cultural themes, these competitions include dance, mehendi, painting, singing and rangoli etc. Young girls eagerly take part in TEEJ beauty contests which are planned in colleges to win varied titles such as “Baby Teej”, “Miss Teej” and “Teej Queen”.

Also in villages, ‘TEEJ’ is celebrated with complete vigor and enjoyment. Women with young girls together carry out Teej rituals. After decorating their feet and hands with detailed Mehendi designs, the female folk swing on garlanded swings known as peeng.

Special Teej Punjabi Song

Songs and dances on TEEYAN are the central part of celebrations in Punjab. Dances and songs are considered the most significant part of Teej celebrations to express their heartiest feelings. Women liberally convey their feelings to their husband or lovers while dancing and playing on traditionally rich TEEJ songs. Few of the main and trendy Teej songs of Punjab are:

1) "Sawan Da Mahina Din Giddha De Sabhe Sahalyan
Aiyan Nachan Kundan, Jhutan Pingan Piyan Vadiyan
Gharan Diya Jaiyan Bhij Gai Rooh Mitra Sham Ghatan Chad Aiyan"

Under written welcome song of Teej, a festival of the month of Sawan is common and always sung on this yearly festival.

2) “Teeyan Teej Diyan Bhadon De Muklave Teeyan Teej Diyan”

Young girls get together to make merry on the lucky event of Teej in Sawan month every year. They sing and dance with a complete humor to welcome the rainy months for good rains. Another famous Teej song is:

3) “Sase Teri Mahen Marh Jaye,
Mere Veer Nu Sukhi Khand Payee.”

A very beautiful song in which a woman depicts her intense love for her lover is sung in many places and households on Teej occasion. She considers the sufferings of her lover as her own.

4) “Akh Mere Yaar Di Dukhe,
Lali Merian Akhan De Wich Aiyee”

In some songs, the love scenes are explained considering her lover’s face as a face of God.

5) “Aya Sawan Da Maheena Aa,
Tun menu Rab Lagdha Naleh Naleh Makka Te Madina Aa”

Another example in which, the anxiety of the girl is explained for her lover who is always away for work.

6) “Teri Do Takyan Di Nokri
Mera Lakhan Da Sawan Jaye”

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