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Nightlife In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a popular destination in our country for its educated, charming and wealthy people who enjoy brawling and partying. There are various chances for clubbing in this city. Though clubbing is not as effective when compared with metros but definitely one can enjoy clubbing in Chandigarh which comes with their own Punjabi touch. A good volume of students also come under the good crowd of nightlife in Chandigarh.

Nightlife in Chandigarh has evolved, where in earlier days people were supposed to enter home early in the night. Present scenario of Chandigarh’s nightlife can be described with people enjoying the nightclubs till 2 a.m in the morning. As authorities granted green signal for late night activities, city’s party beasts are out in search of discs and pubs on every weekends.

This change in the lifestyle of Chandigarh has garnered lot of cheers among women and girls who can now enjoy late night in bars with their friends recharging themselves after tiresome work. With this change in lifestyles of women, the owners of the pubs are in a full swing to afford all possible options to attract women customers. A large number of youth are regular tipplers at lounge bars and pubs these days.

Night clubs and bars have become the most significant means of recreation for people in Chandigarh. Apart from dancing and drinking, one can also come across new people and socialize themselves. There are various kinds of clubs and bars to meet different tastes and needs of various people. Among them, the most popular are Salsa Dance Clubs, Irish Pubs, Large night clubs and Sports Bars designed with different floors that provide different music types.

People at Chandigarh are not always mild-mannered. Towards midnight, they become wilder as their character surpass their decorum and procedure. Nightlife is always vibrant and cheerful. If one loves to stay awake till late in the night, then Chandigarh’s bars, pubs and nightclubs are an ideal place for them. Nocturnal tomfoolery will definitely affect our mind status at peak hours. We are definitely prone to involuntarily dance and shake our legs for the hard music beats, banging heads with the feelings of gut slowly moving towards the primitive phase.

Chandigarh had just boomed with this bar culture. With this change in lifestyles of women, the owners of the pubs are in a full swing to afford all the possible options to attract women customers. There are large number of youth population becoming routine tipplers at lounge bars and pubs. In earlier days, there was no chance for girls to have a drink. Now, there is a good understanding among people. All people are subjected to some sort of distress either in working environment or somewhere else. So, they are in a condition to relax them. Everyone, irrespective of boy or girl has got their own right to enjoy. Manager at the Vintage Bar, Balbir Singh expressed his happiness towards the importance given to girls in our society. With lots of money around people, this nightlife has become a part of general lifestyle in Chandigarh. These nightclubs are highly suitable for Youngsters whose lifestyle has dramatically shifted to western culture. Apart from these, a complete industrial complex is arousing in Chandigarh city targeting the development of IT software and other outsourcing facilities. The night life hungama in this city is transforming them to fulfill the necessity of professionals working here. City of Chandigarh is emerging with high pace as the consumer capital of North India. Here, people are more tend to experience the best that was offered to them. Few among the bars to pen down are Pankaj Hotel Bar, Lava Lounge, Wild West Pub, Whispers Bar and Down Under.

Night Clubs

Good number of college students and various other hard working personalities make use of this night parties to earn some relaxation of mind. Though the nightlife may not be as thrilling as in Pune and Bangalore because of the orthodox mentality of this town’s people, the nightlife in Chandigarh has got something to deliver to people coming from neighboring areas to cheer this city.

If people wish to tour Chandigarh, then they should not miss their opportunity to enjoy the great nightlife in fine bars, nightclubs and fine restaurants.

One can prefer cheap flight journey to Chandigarh where people are very friendly and comparatively safe. One can get satisfied with the wide range of accommodation facilities starting from simple and modern small hotels to Portuguese mansions. It is cheap to dine outside with abundant availability of sea food. With a warm sunshine, it is a perfect destination during winter season.

Night Discs

The two most significant discs located at Chandigarh preferred by most people are Blues (night club) and Rendezvous (Bar and Nightclub). People suffering from ‘Saturday night fever’ opt for partying out their stress in the Blues. This place is only meant for couples and generally alcohol is not allowed inside disco floors because of safety concerns. Manager at Blues is least bothered about the unwarranted behavior whereas the unusual family deeds is taken care by security guards. Attached with the Blues is the Graffiti Restaurant customizing the perfect blend of dance and unique cuisine. Rendezvous Bar and Nightclub also delivers an unforgettable nightlife experience. The AB’s dining restaurant and nightclub is widespread in an area of about 8000 square feet.  Rendezvous Nightclub situated on the backside consists of a bar, dance floor and a lounge area. The club is fully furnished with pinewood, lasers and lights decorating the dance floor, passage area is embellished with rich and luxurious paintings together with perfectly seated candles on the walls mesmerizes visitors. The mind blowing music coupled with cherished lighting in this modern nightclub pulls everyone to dance floor. Adjacent to the club is a restaurant carrying beautifully decorated interiors comprising of handpicked art work and images of tie and dye Jaipur prints together with the Mughal amours. One can enjoy mouthwatering dishes from wide range of Kashmiri, Mughlai and Punjabi cuisines cooked in an open-air kitchen. Nightlife in Chandigarh is thrilling and fun-filled for tourists who can throng into any of discs, bar or fine dining restaurants in this planned city.

Nightlife Encouragement

A walk at evening/night times in Rose Garden

Dazzling bright lights together with beautiful fountains enthrall the beauty of Rose Garden at night. It also delivers fresh air to breathe, relaxing the mind and soul of a person who had come for a pleasure walk.

Pubs and Bars

Chandigarh is a planned city with decent number of pubs and lounge bars. Youngsters in the city generally hit pubs like Down Under where food is delicious and the atmosphere is fun-filled. One can also experience the Lava Pub in Taj Chandigarh. This place is surrounded with lava lumps all around which can accompany forty people who are ready to spare huge amount of money.

Places to Enjoy Nightlife

Tandavaya, Hotel Solitaire

Hotel Solitaire hosts an in-house discotheque by the name of Tandavaya in Chandigarh. This nightclub carries various reasons to make people dance like mad. Good stored bar, very large dance floor is meant to serve customers all round the night. This is one of the best places to chill out whenever we feel fatigued.

Gymkhana Pub and Bar

Gymkhana Pub and Bar is a prominent name among the regular pub goers in Chandigarh. This bar acts as a restaurant too. This bar is situated very near to the city center. One can enjoy live rock bands along with their favorite drink.

Woodys Restaurant and Bar

Woodys restaurant cum bar is one among the most excellent night clubs situated in Chandigarh.  Their restaurant offers a wide collection of south Indian and North Indian food varieties. If one is not satisfied with food items then, the well maintained bar will definitely do that job. A person will definitely enjoy ecstatic lifestyle in this planned city as Woody’s can provide some of the best brands of drink for its customers. One can make a call to 09417301511 for additional details.

Score Pub

This is a prominent nightclub in the city of Chandigarh. One can indulge themselves in their favorite drink and can also taste their mouthwatering dishes simultaneously. This restaurant cum bar carries some best cards in its hands.

Blue Ice

This place is open to people till 11 at night and it is an ideal environment for well-mannered people who want to taste their sip in a calm atmosphere to get rid of all their worries and to reach their bed peacefully before midnight hungama. Blue Ice provides yummy continental, North Indian and Chinese dishes.

Sip ‘n’ Dine Restaurant

This restaurant is comfortably situated at the major market place of this city. One can enjoy chilled wine and beer here while shaking their legs and banging their head at the beats of live music.

Mercury the Lounge Pub and Restaurant

Mercury restaurant stands as a synonym to nightlife in this planned city. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with attached pub and bar.

Lyon’s Pub and Restaurant

One among the non-smoking healthy atmosphere bar is the Lyon’s Pub and Restaurant. This bar is synchronous with healthy lifestyles of this beautiful city.

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