Baisakhi is celebrated throughout the north of Indian subcontinent, particularly by Sikhs of the Punjab side. Now, Baisakhi is being celebrated by the Sikh body across the globe. This festival is close to every other Sikh’s heart because this day marks the formation of Khalsa Panth. There are many reasons that even other communities such as Buddhists and Hindus celebrate this festival, like starting of a year.

In Chandigarh, just like other Indian places, diverse festivals are celebrated. The Chandigarh people are so zestful and energetic that they are ever ready to celebrate life. Each single festival is celebrated by them with great pomp and show. These festivals prove to be a great bonding and socializing time for the whole community. Each festival echoes with number of legends, cuisines, and folklore.

The festival of Baisakhi is very important for the Punjab people. The time of harvest begins with the festival of Baisakhi. On this festival, there is also the celebration for establishment of Panth Khalsa. As per the calendar, this fiesta of cheerfulness comes on the year’s first day i.e. generally the 14thday of April. In India, the Chandigarh people celebrate Baisakhi with great enthusiasm and gaiety. Everyone wears their best of the best clothes and went to Gurudwaras and temples for prayer. People prepare special and tasty dishes at their home. Traditional dances have been organized. In Chandigarh, this festival is celebrated with great excitement and cheerfulness.

The Baisakhi festival of Chandigarh is celebrated each year on the 13th day of April with grandeur and magnificence. This festival comes after such a hard work for the winter harvest that it’s a sure celebration. On Baisakhi Day, which is a symbol of a New Year for Punjabis’, people offer prayers in Gurudwaras, after which folklores are also organized.

Importance or Significance of Baisakhi

The Baisakhi festival have a great importance in the life of Sikh people because it has a reason that in 1699, on the day of Baisakhi, the Sikh’s 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh put the base of Khalsa Panth which means  Pure One’s Order. The farmers on this festival thank God, as they have a plentiful harvest and they also pray for their near future’s successfulness. Baisakhi comes under the essential festivals, which isalso celebrated by other communities with great zeal and excitement.

What People do During Baisakhi?

A lot of people celebrate this festival of Baisakhi in India, dressed in their finery and dance, sing, do wrestling rounds and take pleasure in parades going around. This festival is celebrated by men doing Bhangra dance and Gidda dance by women. People relish zesty dishes and a special sweet called ‘kadaprasad’.
Baisakhi is very important for Sikhs.A lot of Sikhs select this festival to baptize them. On this festival, marches named as Nagar Kirtan, are held on the streets, while singing carols from Guru Granth Sahib.

What Rituals are performed During Baisakhi?

Sikhs go to the Gurudwara in morning for attending the prayers. Most of the Sikhs reach the venerated Golden temple at Amritsar or in Anandpur Sahib, and Khalsa is performed.

People give bath to Granth Sahib, which is kept on a throne, with water and milk and distribute Kada Prasad, a sanctified sweet made of sugar, butterand flour.
People, in the noon, take out Granth Sahib in a grand way, along with songs, music, public presentations and intonation.
Sikhs offer Kar Serva in Gurudwaras. This is considered humanity’s symbol for Sikhs.

Cuisine on Baisakhi

High-spirited Punjabi people enjoy the best Punjabi food on this happening Baisakhi festival. The conventional recipes of Baisakhi provided here help in celebrating this festival with the zesty food of Baisakhi. If you have any recipe worth sharing, then do share it and help in improving this website of the festival of Baisakhi.

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