Fairs And Festivals in Chandigarh

The people of Chandigarh are usually found in festive mood celebrating every festivities with great enthusiasm and whole heartedly. The festive seasons are also a way to bring people closer that allow them to share good times. Many legends, folk songs and music, dances and cuisines are related with every festivals being held here.

Major Festivals of Chandigarh


The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated every year on 13th April in Chandigarh with great enthusiasm. It is actually an occasion when the winter crops so sown are ready to be reaped after hard labor efforts that calls for an occasion to celebrate. The day also marks itself as the beginning of the Punjabi New Year that calls for prayer recitals in Gurudwaras and traditional dances and songs.


The festival of Lohri is celebrated on 13th January in which the lord of fire is worshipped and offerings are made to the fire and dances like bhangra and giddha took place. It is seen as a tribute to the God so as to thank the almighty for the good harvest.

Holla Mohalla

An armory fest, Holla Mohalla is celebrated in March and is said to be started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. To restore people’s faith in the Khalsa Panth belonging to the Sikh religion is the major motive of the occasion. Events like mock sword and spear battles, wrestling, music and poetry competitions, etc are laid in this festival.


In remembrance of the Sikh Gurus, Gurupurab is celebrated as an occasion of their birthday or martyrdom day. Among this, the importance is given to the Gurupurabs of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. Gurudwaras becomes the site of kirtans and prayers which is followed by the Karah Prasad distribution and organizing of Langars on this auspicious occasion of Gurupurab.

BhaiyaDooj (Tikka)

Celebrated in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov), Bhaiya Dooj comes one day after Diwali is celebrated. The strong bond shared by the brother and the sister duo is considered the mark of this festival. ‘Tikka’ is put by the sister on her brother’s forehead so as to protect him from evil. A gift or money is then given by the brother to the sister in return to express her affection.


Being a dance festival of Punjab, Teeyan is celebrated by the women in month of spring (Sawan). One of the best gidda dance performances can be enjoyed in these festival celebrations. The festival comes in the month of Sawan, being the 3rd lunar day and continues till the first full moon day on which a gala function is organized as the fest is concluded.

The Festival of Gardens

Celebrated in the month of February, The garden festival was earlier named as “Rose festival”. The festival holds the title of being the largest Rose show of India. Glimpses of music, dance being both classical and folk, flower shows, shows for children, art exhibitions by local artists, photographers and craftsman and other activities can be seen in this festival.

The Mango Festival

This festival is celebrated at Pinjore Gardens in month of June. The festival exhibits different varieties of mangoes. It also invites Mango growers from all over India to come together and make people taste the different varieties of mangoes that are found in different parts of the country. Products like mango juice, squash, jams, pickles and aam papad are also the eye catchers of the festival.

The Chrysanthemums Show

Held every year in the month of December at Terrace Garden of Sector 33, the Chrysanthemums Show invites a lot of visitors and participants to Chandigarh. Many varieties of flowers are showcased and gardeners of the city participate in the competitions to achieve honors.

Teej Festival

It is the monsoon festival celebrated by women. The fest is held in The Rock Garden which becomes the centre of activities on the Teej festival which is celebrated every year in the month of August. Bangles, Mehendi and other makeup utilities are the women accessories that are on display at the Rock Garden on this occasion. Newlywed females and other women are dressed up in jewels on this occasion.

April Fool’s Day

It is the festival only held in Chandigarh in India inviting various poets from different parts of the country to participate on the 1st of April. Verses are recited by them in a jocular vein making Chandigarh a laughter zone on this moment. Maha Moorkh Sammelan or Conclave of Colossal Fools attracts even those people who usually are not interested in poetry. People share the lighter side of their life with each other by listening to comedians and foolish poetry they recite.

The Chandigarh Carnival

It is a fair celebrated in the month of November (one day before Children’s Day) every year having tenure of three days. Colorful processions make the opening of the carnival which is followed by many competitions. Students and children express their talents in these competitions including the elders’ participations in some competitions.  

The Plaza Carnival

A three-hour carnival named as The Plaza Carnival is held on every Saturday evening in Chandigarh which is held in an open-air stage that has been set up in Sector 17’s central plaza. It is a free carnival that draws people from all age groups. The carnival promotes the arts and craft talents of various artists participating in this show. The attractions may have any diversity including dance, music and magic show to painting display, acrobatics or mimicry.

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