Along with the credit of most significant commercial entertainment hub, the city of Chandigarh is no way less than a metro city that is peak on the concept of entertainment. There are various options available in this city on the topic of entertainment. People in this city are really fun loving and highly active in social life.

This city is perfect place to move around with friends and family and definitely one can have an enjoyable and adventurous trip during their travel inside this fantasy city.

Recreation and entertainment in this city can be easily obtained by visiting hi-fi shopping malls, multiplexes, cinema halls, galleries, museums and various art galleries which are ideal destination for hanging out for majority of people from all walks of life.

This city delivers sufficient resource materials for young archaeologists and history people with the city’s numerous collections of beautiful paintings that are properly maintained in the art galleries and museums.

This city of Chandigarh is perfect business hub for both the state of Haryana and Punjab, which is filled with numerous shopping malls that can satisfy their thirst for fashion. One can shop various products of well known brands along with several handicraft items which are traditional symbol of this place.

For movie freaks, the entertainment is within their hands reach in this city. There are numerous single screen theatres and also multiplexes within the core of this city. There are various museums and parks for children to have fun, during their trip to this city. All together, Chandigarh provides complete entertainment feast to its tourists.

Facilities Causing Entertainment

Art Galleries in Chandigarh

All the art lovers and art specialists can have great expectations while visiting this city. There are various art galleries inside this city to cater their art hunger, carrying significant collection of few of the master pieces of many famous personalities in art field. In fact, there is large number of art galleries which is almost impossible for any person to visit all of them.

Multiplexes in Chandigarh

All tired souls get refreshed with a cinema. The city of Chandigarh is packed with multiplexes, where one can, not only watch movies but can also hang out with family and friends. For any people who get molded to metro lifestyle, these multiplexes will definitely prove to be compensators.

Museums in Chandigarh

This capital city of Haryana and Punjab is the perfect tourist spot to visit in our country. This city delivers major tourist attractions to tourists who visit this city every year from all over our country and even from abroad. The city also holds various numbers of temples which are original reflections of rich tradition and also cultural heritage of our country. The city is also popular for various art galleries and museums.

Shopping Malls in Chandigarh

This city is one among the significant metropolitan cities of our country and also acts as a chief commercial hub of the state of Punjab. The whole city is perfectly planned with a wide category of shopping mall to satisfy the requirements of various fashion freaks living in this area. The shopping malls in this city are known to display several brands including Pepe, Levis, Prada and Gucci and also locally available traditional hand made products with a unique arrangement of shopping items that are specifically available in this fashion city.

Clubs in Chandigarh

For any social and fun loving person, there are various renowned clubs including the Chandigarh Golf Club, Lake Club and Rotary Club and various other clubs. There is a highly active nightlife in this city. There are several nightclubs to fulfill the deep desires of people, those who wish to party late night.  For nocturnal persons who wish to party hard at night, there are various prominent spots like RLX Lounge, Lava Bar, Voodoo, Blue Ice and many more.

There are also several discotheques in this city which can make us to shake our legs for loud music and let our hair down. Few of the notable spots are Jail House Rock (Sector 17), Aerizzone (Sector 9) and also Las Vegas Den.

If one likes to taste art, drama, theatre in their cup of tea, then they should definitely visit theatres and art galleries in this city. The Tagore theatre is most significant among all in this fantasy city.


The most popular Mohali stadium where India won their semi-final match batting against Pakistan with prominent role played by Sachin Tendulkar with his 85 runs is one of the memorable moments of entertainment for Chandigarh people. This cricket stadium is under the control of Punjab Cricket Association.  During every year, Indian Premier League conducts few of the IPL matches in this stadium. Other than cricket, many other sports amenities are also available in this city.

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