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Mata Sunder Kaur

Mata Sunder Kaur – “A Symbol of Sikh Traditions”

Gurudwara of Mata Sunder Kaur Ji is situated in the beautiful city of Mohali. This shrine has immense significance for followers of Sikhism. Due to the existence of this Gurudwara, Mohali is increasingly and closely associated with history and traditions of Sikhs. Though Mohali is densely populated but still it has its own scenic charm and magnetism. Gurudwara of Mata Sunder Kaur Ji has become a prominent landmark of the city. The beauty of frescoes here is enticing and captivating. It attracts followers of Sikhism and lovers of history.


The beautiful and holy Gurudwara is situated in the beautiful valleys of Mohali. Many years back Guru Gobind Sahib Ji came to this holy place after the battle of Mukatsar Sahib. Mata Sunder Kaur Ji along with Bhai Mani Singh Ji also reached this place from Delhi. It was used as a place for dining and accommodation. Many years later, an army was prepared here to fight the battle of Chapar Cheri under the guidance of Baba Banda Singh Ji.

After winning the battle of Chapar Cheri and Sir Hind, Sikhs of the region set up a camp here along with a community kitchen. Sikh army used to get food from this community kitchen. A well-known devotee of Guru Gobind Singh Ji also visited the place and planted a tree and got a well dug here in this holy place. Since then followers of Sikhism flood the Gurudwara throughout the year.


Baisakhi is the most popular festival celebrated here every year with great enthusiasm and joy. Tourists from different parts of India come to the Gurudwara for paying tribute to tenth Sikh Guru called Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Mata Sunder Kaur Ji. People all over the world worship them because of their notable contribution in spreading Sikhism. More and more tourists come to this place each year to celebrate this festival with belief and devotion. This Gurudwara is cloaked in color and lights during festivals.

Many young youths come here each year to get baptized. As such, during the festival this place is flooded with a large number of Sikh followers from different parts of India. The place has got a lot of religious significance not only for Sikhs, but others as well. People from different communities visit the place to explore the beauty of this Gurudwara and pay tribute. The entire place wears a festive appearance during Sikh festivals.

Best Visiting Time

Mohali is a beautiful place to explore all year round. However, tourists come here in large numbers during the spring and winter. Summer season in Mohali is slightly hot and humid with maximum temperature reaching 44°C. There are mild showers in Mohali during monsoons. The weather is cool and pleasant at this time. The lush green landscape of Mohali looks more beautiful during mild spells of shower.

Most tourists prefer winter season (February to March) for visiting Mohali. The temperature is very pleasing and moderate during winters attracting large number of people each year.

How to Reach

Gurudwara of Mata Sunder Kaur Ji is situated in Sector 70 of Mohali. Located exactly behind the Ivory Tower Flats, this one looks beautiful. Tourists usually prefer bus stands over railway stations because of the luxury bus services available here. Bhatinda is the nearest bus stand from where tourists can easily get buses at cheap fares.


The Gurudwara of Mata Sunder Kaur Ji is located in close proximity of Agarwal College, Shiv Narayan Mandir, The British School and also Sohana Hospital.

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