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Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh

Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahib is located at a distance of 9 km from the city of Mohali and 13 km from state capital of Chandigarh. It stands stoic in time, tucked away in the village of Padiala in Tehsil Kharar. Visited by lakhs of tourists and devotees from across the world, Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahib is an important venue of Sikh religion and culture.

6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (1595-1644) had once visited this village to bless his Sikh followers. Here, he met Jalhan Jatt (landlord), Shaheed Bota Singh, Shaheed Garja Singh, Sardar Gurbaksh Singh and Sardar Mali Singh. It is believed that Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh was visited by Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji, when he was returning to Kiratpur Sahib from Kurukshetra. As legend goes, Guru Hargobind Sahibji was attacked by the Pathans of Ropar near the villages of Kharar City. These Pathans were jealous of Guruji’s popularity and got into a fierce battle at Village Padiala.

Guru Hargobind Sahibji found help in the garb of followers and other Sikh people residing in the nearby village of Naggal Singhan (since 1632). They fought on behalf of and for Guru Har Gobindji until death and created a safe passage for Guruji to continue to Kiratpur Sahib.

After reaching the village of Brahman Majra, Guru Hargobind Sahibji saved a marriage Palanquin) belonging to the daughter of a poor Brahmin from the clutches of the Mughals. He was then joined by the Hindus as well as the Sikhs in his battle against the Mughal rulers. He followed them till Ropar and emerged victorious. After his victory, Guruji thanked and blessed his Sikh brethren who had laid down their lives to help him succeed. He named the Gurudwara the “House of Almighty” and proclaimed that this venue was the gateway to salvation. He also installed a huge Nishan Sahib (religious flag of Sikhs) at Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh.

Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahibji was also visited by the 9th Sikh Guru - Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji along with his Mother Mata Nanaki Ji, wife Mata Gujri Ji and some other Sikh followers in 1665. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji was traveling from Kiratpur Sahib to Delhi via village Gharuan.

The reconstruction of the present day Gurudwara was ordered under the supervision of Sardar Attar Singh Padhania - chief of this village with the help of Sikh villagers and followers. It is believed that faithful devotees who visit Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh and participate in its religious acts are blessed by Waheguru and wishes are fulfilled. After offering their prayers here, they can look forward to peace and happiness in their lives.

The activities and administration of this Gurudwara are managed and looked after by a religious and secular non-profit organization. It preaches selfless love, peace, universal brotherhood, harmony and service to people. Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahibji is popular for its Maryadas (Rituals), kirtans, community meals and mass prayer sessions.


Tourists and devotees like to visit the various festival and fairs that place in the premises of Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh across the year. During these periods, the environment is steeped in spiritualism and religious activities. These fairs create an ambience of spiritual zest and are enjoyed by devotees of all ages and from all walks of life.

Best Visiting Time

There are no Entry fees to Nada Sahib Gurudwara and can be visited on all days between 4:30 AM - 8:00 PM. Daily kirtans, langars and mass prayer sessions are held daily within the premises of this Gurudwara –which is visited by thousands of devotees on a regular basis.

How to Reach

Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahibji is located close to Amritsar, New Amritsar City, Firozpur and Chandigarh and can be easily reached by easy transportation means like buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.


The village of Padiala is the nearest landmark to Gurudwara Patshahi Chhainveen Pratakh Sahibji. This Gurudwara is situated in close vicinity of an educational establishment.

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