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Patshahi Dasveen

According to popular legends, Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib was visited by Guru Gobind Singh ji when he was traveling from Talwandi Sabo to Hazur Sahib. He had reached this place while traveling from Sirsa via Kewal and Jharor. After resting here for some time, Guruji had proceeded towards Nohar Sahawa and then onto Hazur Sahib.

Another legend says that the venue was visited by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji when he was traveling from Alamgir (in Ludhiana District) to Mukatsar in 1705. He was welcomed and hosted by Chaudhary Kapura,  who was an important resident and founder of the town. His warm hospitality and reverence pleased Guru Ji. However, he refused to offer his fort for the battle against the Mughals. Guruji stayed on at Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib for some time before proceeding to the village of Dhilwan Kalan.

Much later, Chaudhary Kapura, repenting about his disgraceful act of not having helped Guru Gobind Singhji, came to visit the Guru and requested his forgiveness. Guruji had by then moved from Kot Kapura to Dhilwan Kalan and then onwards to Talwandi Sabo via Guru Ki Dhab. However, Nawab Kapura helped Guruji in the Battle of Muktsar, which took place in 1705.

Yet another historical fact linked with Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib says that, Guru Gobind Singh ji handed over some pieces of his attire to a Sodhi family residing in the village at this venue. These pieces of clothing are still held in the possession of the descendents of the Sodhi family.

Tourists and devotees come all the way to seek the blessings of Waheguru at Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib. After steeping themselves in kirtans, langars and mass prayer sessions, they proceed to Gurudwara Gurusar Patshahi, which has flourished in its neighborhood.

This beautiful Gurudwara is located near Saravan, which is a small village located 10 km south east of Kot Kapura in Faridkot district of Punjab. This Gurudwara marks the site where Guru Gobind Singh ji stayed on his way from Dina to Kot Kapura, in the month of December 1705. He was welcomed by the residents of Saravan and Baihbal villages, who took him and his followers to their homes and offered them food, refreshments and a place to stay.

It is believed that after returning to the camp Guruji asked each of his followers about the content of the meal that had been offered. One of his avid followers, Mailagar Singh had replied, "I have enjoyed the best feast of my life". On further enquiry, it was found that Mailagar Singh’s poor host had offered him dried ptiu, which is the fruit of van tree (Quercus incana). It's said that Guruji had high praises for the host as well as his devotee Mailagar Singh.

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib boasts of an ancient two storeyed building. Its walls and ceilings are painted with colorful motifs depicting episodes from Sikh and Hindu mythology. Along with a large sanctum, the Gurudwara also boasts of a large square on its ground floor. Pictures of old mahants/custodians of the shrine and Sikh Gurus adorn the walls of its many rooms.

The Gurudwara sprawls across 40 acres of land and is now administered by the Nihangs connected with Buddha Dal.


Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib is the venue of small gatherings and fair on the first of every Bikrami month. This festival creates an ambience of spiritual zest and is enjoyed by devotees of all ages and from all walks of life.

Best Visiting Time

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib is best visited on the 1st of every Bikrami month when special prayers and divans are organized in honor of Guru Gobind Singh ji and other Sikh Gurus. Besides that, daily prayer sessions, langar and kirtans take place every single day of the year and are attended by devotees from all parts of the world.

How to Reach

This famous place of Sikh worship and religion stands at a distance of 13 km to the southeast of Faridkot City, near the town of Kotkapura It is well connected to Chandigarh and other towns and cities of Punjab and visited by millions of devotees across the year.


Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Dasveen Sahib is located in the tucked away village of Madhosinghana in the district of Sirsa in Haryana.

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