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Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha got its name registered in 1981 as a non-political body in order to carry forward the works of an association named Sri Guru Singh Sabha, which was formed in Amritsar on 1 October 1873. The association represented the whole panth and played a significant role in securing freedom of Gurudwaras in 1925 and also managed to gain approval for Anand Marriage Act in 1908.

Singh Sabha regularly emphasized that Sikhs are not Hindus and the total number of Singh Sabhas increased to 100 by the end of 19th century. The leaders of Singh Sabha worked very hard to ensure that Sikhs follow correct doctrine and practice and in this context, newly arrived print culture was widely used to spread Sikh history and literature. The leaders also worked towards promoting religious significance of learning Punjabi written in Gurumukhi script. Simultaneously, they also emphasized on the need to adopt Western education.

Major Initiatives

Singh Sabha took several major initiatives towards fulfilling their aim, including establishment of the famous Khalsa College in Amritsar as well as starting of hundreds of Khalsa Schools throughout Punjab. Singh Sabha also worked in close coordination with the British administration in order to make them understand the significance of treating Sikhs as a distinct political community.

Singh Sabha had several prominent leaders in its early years that contributed significantly, including Professor Gurmukh Singh and Giani Dit Singh.


Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha is operating through its office at Plot no 1, Madya Marg, Sector 28 A, Chandigarh that is spread over an area of 3 acres. The Sabha has been registered in U.T. Chandigarh.

Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Chandigarh secured approval to construct the main building within a specified time. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan is in honour of Sikh Panth society, and its foundation stone was laid by Panj Pyaras on 21st February, 2010.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan has been designed to have a total of five storeys, with each storey covering an area of nearly 7,000 square feet.

Head Office

Its head office will have several modern facilities to plan and carry out the activities of the Sabha. It technical equipment will be linked with its centres operating all over India.

Coaching Centre

The coaching centre will provide training to graduates in order to make them competitive for professional courses, including medical, non-medical, engineering, computer technology and IIT. Meanwhile, special training will be provided to graduates for central examinations such as IAS, IPS and Indian Army. Additionally, the centre also has an option for English language coaching to be provided for services in foreign countries.

Digital Library and Sikh Book Centre

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan will be equipped with digital library facilities specially designed for research workers, students and trainees. Its Sikh Book Centre will provide books in non-Punjabi language for those who wish to learn about the Sikh faith. People will have the privilege to scan and photocopy information from any reference book.

International Gurmat Parcharaks

In this section, youth will be provided training from high-class Gurbani scholars and historians in order to make them international Gurmat Parcharaks (preachers). Sikhs from Eastern countries and other Indian states of India will be encouraged and provided with training related to Sikh faith, singing Kirtan and reciting dhadi vars. The trained Sikhs will then use their own language to explain Sikh heritage in their own countries and states.

Seminar Hall

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Bhawan is also scheduled to have a seminar hall that will be equipped with modern presentation facilities. It will also have an option to screen documentaries for visiting classes, special lectures and other functions.


Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha has been provided with land in order to provide education and training to underprivileged people, especially the minority community, so as to enable them to compete for jobs to earn their living. It undertakes a wide range of activities as part of social welfare initiatives.

This includes free training to students for Keertan, reading Gurbani and managing Gurdwara programs. This Sabha provides free Langer and boarding to all its trainees. It also publishes Singh Sabha Patrika on a quarterly basis. The Sabha also hosts several seminars on Sikh themes. Meanwhile, it has established a missionary school in Mehrauli that has a three-year course in Sikhism covering Gurbani, Kirtan, History Philosophy and Comparative Religion.

Governing Council

Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha has a governing council that comprises several members, including Hardeep Singh (President), Gurbakhsh Singh (V.S. President), Khushal Singh (General Secretary), Gurbir Singh, Bibi Baljit Kaur, Kartar Singh Gill and Gurpreet Singh.

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