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Koohni Sahib

Gurudwara Khooni Sahib is situated in the Manimajra village at the Manasa Devi Complex in Chandigarh at the Bhainsa Tiba district. This is situated in close vicinity to the main city and is easily accessible for the hundreds of pilgrims who visit here. This is one of the many Gurudwaras that are embedded nicely within the enclosures of Chandigarh city.
When compared to the other Gurudwaras, the Khooni Sahib scores lightly lesser in terms of popularity and number of visitors. Nevertheless, there is an interesting and unique history behind the establishment of the Khooni Sahib.


Rami Rai, who had ruled Dehradun in the earlier days, slowly started supporting the Mughal kings, who were anti-Sikh people. Angered by her husband’s decision, Mata Raj Kaur left Dehradun and sought abode in Chandigarh. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last Sikh Guru came to this place to meet the Mata and seek her blessings. He stayed at this place for a week and during the entire duration that he was here, he rested on his elbow. This is the how the place that was known as Bageecha Sahib earlier came to be known as Khooni Sahib. This place has become a place to be visited mandatorily, because it is one of those places that talk about the importance of devotion and surrender to the Supreme Power.

Anpurna, a Brahmin girl was meditating in this region for meeting the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh met Anpurna and make her wish come true. During the 17 Pahars for which the Guru meditated here, Anpurna served him and his disciples with food. Pleased with her devotion, the Guru blessed her that a temple would be constructed in that place in her name and devotees who visit that temple will get what they prayed for.  One day had 8 Pahars (4 during the day and 4 during the night).

Best Time to Visit

The climate in Chandigarh is not in extremes as the area is covered by a plain surface. However during the months between August and November, the climate is really pleasant that gives immense joy to the pilgrims.

How to Reach

This is in close proximity to the famous Manji Sahib on Ward no.25. Gurudwara Khooni Sahib is easily accessible as it well connected to the city through cars, taxis, buses, autos etc.

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