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Baoli Sahib

The tenth and the last Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh had visited this place located in the village of Dhakoli in the Mohali district, while he was on his way to his actual destination, Anandpur Sahib. When he reached the borders of the Dhakoli village, there were thousands of people waiting to meet him, as this area was established by Bhai Gurdita Ji, the elder son of the 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib.

Habitants of this village are still of the belief that descendants of this rich legacy are living here even today. Bhai Gurdita Ji had chosen the Dhakoli village as his place for deep meditation. The Baoli pond is considered very holy and pilgrims from all over come here to take a holy dip.


Following a successful fight in the Bhangani Battle in the year 1688, Guru Gobind Singh came directly to the place of Paonta Sahib, from where he planned to move to Anandpur Sahib.  The Rajpur Rani and Gurudwara Nada Sahib were in the pathway leading to Anandpur Sahib. Therefore Guru Gobind Singh visited these places as well. When he set foot on the Dhakoli village, he saw a huge crowd waiting for him. This was because Guru Gobind Singh was highly popular and respected here, as the village was established by the elder son, Bhai Gurdita Ji, of Guru Hargobind Singh, the 6th Guru of the Sikhs. When Guru Gobind Singh came here, the village chairman Chaudhry Ishar Das had gathered a group of villagers to attain the Guru’s blessings. The Guru too kindly enquired him about the village.

It was at this time that Chaudhry Ishar Das told the Guru about the severe water scarcity that they were facing and that the villagers depended on the Sukhna River for their water needs. On hearing this Guru immediately started analysing the lands in the village with his pointed weapon, known as Barchha. The Guru stopped abruptly at one place and inserted his weapon into the soil. To everyone’s surprise clean water started flowing from there. The Guru did not stop here; he gave his own money to Chaudhry to arrange for some permanent facilities for setting up this and he also advised that the new place would be known as Baoli Sahib.

Another devotee of the Guru, Bhai Kripa Ram had come to meet the Guru with his wife at the Dhakoli village. As soon as he saw them, the Guru knew exactly why they had come there. However, he still asked them to spell out their problem. Kripa Ram was embarrassed to discuss his problem before a crowd however his wife spoke in a very soft voice to the Guru and explained that she was suffering from a disease called Athrai, due to which she could not keep save her babies and that her kids passed away when they reached 8 days or 8 months from birth. The Guru asked both the husband and wife to come to Baoli Sahib on Amavas (day of the waning moon) and the Ekadasi (day after Amavas) just when dawn breaks to take a holy dip here. The couple did as advised and to their surprise, their disease was cured and they were blessed with a healthy son.

While at the Baoli Sahib, the Guru’s way of life was this way: listening to recitations of Rehras Sahib from his disciples and resting after Ardas, performing diwans and recitations of Asa Di Vaar in the mornings. After all this, he blessed the devotees gathered and distribution of Karah Prashad then followed.  Before starting to Anandpur Sahib, the Guru went to meet the Muslim Dargahi Shah as per an earlier commitment and grant the Muslim elderly person, his wish. One of the Guru’s disciples, Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji reminded the Guru of this commitment.

Best Visiting Time

Mohali has a very pleasant climate from the months of August to November. Therefore, pilgrims can have a very satisfying and memorable experience when they visit this Gurudwara during these months.

The Gurudwaras is open for public worship, all through the day during weekdays. Every month, during the Amavas day, this Gurudwara sees a long queue of pilgrims who come here to take a holy dip in the pond.

How to Reach

Strategically located centrally on the highway connecting Zirakpur and Kalka this Gurudwara is easily accessible for pilgrims from all over the country. It is just 10km distant from the main city of Chandigarh.

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