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Manji Sahib Manimajra

The Gurudwara Manji Sahib is actually the burial place of Mata Raj Kaur and is said to be very sacred and powerful at the same time. It is commonly believed that people who pray for something here with utmost faith and belief their wishes would be granted within a short span of time. The place that is worshipped today with huge fervour as Gurudwara Manji Sahib was the residence of Mata Raj Kaur in the earlier days. Mata Raj Kaur was a lady who had extreme passion towards the Sikh religion and was considered to be extremely powerful in spirituality. She was able to attract lots of people towards her, because of the sheer charisma and power that she exuded.

Manimajra is situated just within 2km from the main city of Chandigarh and an interesting history towards it. Baba Ram Rai who was the head of the Dehradun city, passed away during the year 1687. Post this, his wife, Mata Raj Kaur settled down in the village of Manimajra. The tenth and the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh came to this village when he was returning from Paonta Sahib. He had originally planned to go to Anandpur Sahib and stopped on his way at the Manimajra village to meet Mata Raj Kaur. She had left her city of Dehradun not only because her husband had passed away but also because he was supporting the Mughal rulers, especially Aurangzeb.

In order to please Aurangzeb, Rama Rai Ji had even changed the lyrics of Bani from “Mitti Musalman Di” to Mitti Be-Imaan di”. Mata Raj Kaur was utterly with this decision of her husband and left the city of Dehradun and chose Manimajra as her abode. She became quite famous here because of her spiritual powers and earned lots of followers. During monsoon season, Mata’s buildings started developing crackers. She sent word to the rich person in the village, Bhaara Mall, however he didn’t help the Mata. Mata then sought the help of her follower, Garibu Dutt, who immediately helped Mata by keeping a bark of a tree underneath the roof. Mata became very happy and wanted to grant Garibu a wish. Garibu requested that his progeny should become kings and not be ruled by kings.

Mata immediately granted him his wish immediately and Garibu became king, in whose durbar, Bhaara Mall became a servant. The Mata continued existing here until she passed away in this very same place. She was buried here and hundreds of people visit this place because of the special powers of this place. Guru Gobind Singh had come to visit her barefoot all the way from Rani Raipur and promised the Mata that he would always be available for the Mata when she needed him. After this, the Guru proceeded to Kotla village to meet his disciple Sadak Chaudury Nihang Khan. This place is considered to be very holy because great people like Mata Raj Kaur and Guru Gobind Singh had visited this place and blessed it with all their powers and wishes.

This Gurudwara is very special to the Sikh people because the burial place of Mata Raj Kaur is believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who visit this place. Legend has it that Sikhs and non –Sikhs flock this place to turn their dreams into reality. It is commonly believed that the Mata grants devotees whatever wish they ask for and alleviate their problems within a very short span of time. Since Guru Gobind Singh had also visited this place, this Gurudwara is considered to be very powerful and sacred. This Gurudwara is considered to be close to heart for passionate Sikhs because this place is in memory of Mata Raj Kaur who abandoned her own husband when he joined hands with the anti-Sikh Mughal emperors.


During the heavy rains, the roof of Mata Raj Kaur’s house started developing cracks and was in danger of being destroyed. Mata requested one of the wealthy persons in the Manimajra village, Bhaara Mall to provide timber for supporting her house. However, Bhaara Mall did not pay heed to the Mata’s request and refused to help her. On hearing Mata’s plight, one of her devotees, Garibu Dutt decided to help her. Garibu was a very poor farmer and he was not in a position to provide timber. So he immediately cut a tree and provided the trunk of the tree as a support for the falling roof the Mata’ s house in order to provide support for the building.

The Mata was overwhelmed at the farmer’s devotion and immediately agreed him to grant a wish. When Garibu expressed his desire to become a king, the Mata surprised him by turning him into a king within no time. Garibu’s wealth started multiplying in great numbers and the Mata also made Bhaara Mall, who refused to help her earlier, a servant in Garibu’s kingdom. He became the leader o of the Manimajra village and 48 other villages.

The British government gave the title of “raja” to Garibu’s son, Gopal Singh. The sanctum sanctorum of this Gurudwara is a beautiful dome that is in the shape of a lotus flower. The burial of the Mata Raj Kaur is situated just adjacent to this place that houses the Guru Grant Sahib.

Best Visiting Time

The months between August and November are perfect for visiting Chandigarh and the various sacred Gurudwaras in the city, because the climate is enjoyable, pleasant and not too extreme.

How to Reach

This Gurudwara is situated in close vicinity to the Khooni Sahib Gurudwara and is very easily accessible by bus, car, taxi, auto etc. as it is one of the prominent places at the 25th Ward of Chandigarh.

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