Amb Sahib

Gurudwara Amb Sahib is believed to have been established upon the blessings and wishes of Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, one of the most revered Gurus in the Sikh religion. This is located in the SAS district, commonly known as Mohali and it is strategically located at just 8km from the main city of Chandigarh. Since it is believed that this Gurudwara is effective in granting people their wishes, millions of pilgrims from all over the world visit this place throughout their year.

Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib is the 7th great Sikh Guru and this Amb Sahib in Mohali is a Gurudwara that has been established in his memory. All tourists who visit Chandigarh pay a visit to this Gurudwara as its reputation of granting wishes has spread like wild fire across the globe.


Bhai Kuram Singh, a native of the Lambian village, famous for its mangoes was a hard core devotee of the great Guru Arjan Dev Ji. One day, he came all the way to Amritsar to have a glimpse of the great Guru. It was the season of mangoes and thousands of devotees who had come there, gave mango offerings to the Guru, which was later distributed as Prashad among the devotees. On seeing, Kuram Singh felt very unhappy and ashamed of himself that though he had come from the land of mangoes, he had not brought anything to offer the Guru. It was then that an idea struck him. He decided to offer the mango that he got as Prashad to the Guru. When the Guru saw his offering, he questioned Kuram Singh as to why he offered the mango that was given to him as prashad, Kuram Singh answered that since he had not got anything else to offer the Guru and he decided to offer the prashad. The Guru then just looked at Kuram and ordered him to eat the prashad and that he would accept his offering one day.

During the year 1659, in the month of Poh, the Guru had come all the way to Chandigarh to Kurukshetra just to meet Kuram Singh. The month of Poh was not the mango season and when the Guru visited, Kuram was meditating by sitting under a mango tree. When Kuram saw the Guru, he worshipped him with both hands. The Guru asked Kuram to give him a mango as per the earlier agreement. However, Kuram replied worriedly that since that was not a mango bearing season, he was not in a position to offer mangoes to the Guru. On listening to this, the Guru smiled and asked Kuram to look up. To Kuram’s utter surprise, when he looked up, he saw that the tree was full of ripe mangoes. He happily took them and offered them to the Guru, who later distributed the mangoes as prashad to the pilgrims.

Even today, this tree can be found producing mangoes all through the season, which delights the devotees to a great extent.


During the Sankranti festival every year, in the month of January, thousands of devotees visit this Gurudwara because there are annual fairs conducted in memory of the great Guru.

Best Visiting Time

This Gurudwara can be visited in all the months of the year except May, June and July are the months that can be really hot.

How to Reach

Amb Gurudwara is in close vicinity to the main bus stand; it is just 500m away from the main bus terminus. There are lots of buses, cars, taxis and other sources of public transport available for reaching this Gurudwara. Devotees prefer buses to trains due to comfort reasons.


This Gurudwara is quite nicely placed as it has some famous buildings in close vicinity. Some of the reputed buildings near the Amb Gurudwara are Fortis Heart Hospital, Education Board Office of Punjab Board, Puda office and the Mohali football ground.


Phase 8, Mohali
District: - S A S Nagar
State: - Punjab.
Phone Number:-0091 172 2230340

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