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Killa Arrak Jumma Masjid

The mosque with the name Jumma Masjid is situated near the Killa Arrak in the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, which was established in 1612 AD. It is one of the oldest mosques of Aurangabad which is still in good condition. This mosque was first developed by Malik Ambar in 1610 AD and in late 16th century expanded by Aurangzeb in near his palace in the center of his orchard. The Masjid is a real example of the elegance and talent of the Mughal artwork and architecture.

Jumma Masjid is a stone-building and standing on a high plinth. There are 9 sharp arches in front of the Killa Arrak Jumma Masjid. Out of all these, 5 were erected by Malik Ambar in 1612 AD and the rest 4 were erected by Aurangzeb. In the middle of the huge and spacious court which is located in front of the mosque has house for travelers and also has a huge water tank taking supply from Malik Amber canal which is also known as Nahar Amberi. The support is high and has many halls which is facing towards market. The sloping molding is supported on brackets, and the ramparts walls are precisely pricked. Each section of the Masjid is beautifully designed magical chamber.

Jumma Masjid in Killa Arrak is a famous and reverent tourist spot where lot of tourists visits the mosque every year for a captivating and cherished experience.


The Jumma Masjid in Killa Arrak was developed in 1612 AD by Malik Amber. In 1610, he found the city Kharaki but when he passed away in 1626 AD, his son Fateh Khan modified the name of Khadki to Fatehnagar. In 1633 AD, Mughals won Daulatabad and soon after got the complete control on Fatehnagar which was controlled by the Nizam Shahi. Prince Aurangzeb made Fatehnagar his capital when he was selected as the viceroy of the Deccan once again and 1653 AD. He changed its name and called with new name Aurangabad and then he created the fort ‘Killa Arrak’ which was located close to the mosque.

In 1692 AD, Aurangzeb realized the values of architecture of the mosque and decided to extend the mosque by building four Arches in its frontage. The small buildings are griped by groves and are inflated by glossy and sleek minarets and a wide band, where Quranic messages are decorated on it. Among all the outstanding forts, Jumma Masjid and Amkhar are the only structures which are still in good condition.


Jumma Masjid is located in Killa Arrak near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The architecture of the mosque represents the art work and talent of Mughals.


The Jumma Masjid is situated in Aurangabad near the Killa Arrak. This mosque is the ideal example of Mughal artwork and brilliance. The Masjid contains fifty polygonal pillars which are arranged in five lines. These rows are connected with the support of nine arches. The mosque building is divided into twenty seven sections. Each section is enclosed by domical tombs and designed beautifully and elegantly. Five arches on the front side of the mosque were put up by Malik Ambar and remaining was erected by Aurangzeb. The court located in frontage of the mosque, has open buildings for visitors. In the middle of the court, a water tank is also provided and from the Malik Ambar canal it got water supply.

How to Reach

By Air

Aurangabad Airport which is known as Chikalthana Airport is the nearest aerodrome. It is just ten Kilometer from the city.  After landing on the airport, one can get the cab or local taxi or Auto rickshaw to reach the Killa Arrak where the Masjid is located. Aurangabad airport connects major cities in India. Regular flight services are available from here.

By Train

Aurangabad railway station is directly connected to Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Connecting trains are also available through the major cities across the country. Another option is taking a cab or taxi from Manmad to Aurangabad and its distance is just 120kms.

By Road

Aurangabad is well connected to all the major cities in Maharashtra and other states via roads. State transports as well as deluxe luxury bus services are available at affordable fare. Mumbai to Aurangabad frequent bus services are available.

Best Time to Visit

Killa Arrak Jumma Masjid can be visited any time during the year. But the best time to visit this Masjid is the months of October to March, because the weather is really pleasant during this season. However, in holiday season (March and April) huge visitors are seen but because of hot weather, it is not suitable.

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