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Chauk Masjid

Chauk Masjid is a famous consecrated and pilgrimage destination for people belonging to Muslim religion. Chauk Masjid, also known as Chowk mosque is located in the Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This mosque belongs to era of Aurangzeb and it is supposed to be built by Shayista Khan who was the maternal uncle of monarch Aurangzeb on whose name is the city Aurangabad based. Chauk Masjid is one of the most conspicuous architectural structures present today in Maharashtra.


Chauk Masjid belongs to the golden era of Mughals from Aurangzeb time. The mosque also represents the artistic richness from Mughal Empire. It is believed, as per legends that this mosque was built in the year 1665 A.D by the maternal uncle of Emperor Aurangzeb, Shayista Khan. Since then this mosque is widely renowned as one of the most divinely blessed places of visit for Muslims.


It is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Chauk Masjid is located in the heart of Aurangabad and is a major tourist attraction here.


Chauk Masjid is one of the most striking architectural buildings present in India. Chauk Masjid is also known as Chowk Masjid and is a building with beautiful 5 domes. The portico of the mosque has 5 pointed arches. Out of these 5 arches, 2 arches are quite very deep. All of these pillars are associated with each other by 8 pillars and parallel pilasters. These support the 5 domes of the mosque. The middle dome is a bit elevated and incorporates a metallic steeple while rests of the domes are hidden in the mosque’s roof. The entrance gate of the mosque incorporates two minarets along with a cistern in the courtyard. The entire structure of mosque has an elevated basement incorporating chambers that are currently used for shops. These shops stretch out on the roadside.

How to Reach

By Air

In order to reach Shah Ganj Mosque, one needs to reach Aurangabad. Aurangabad Airport which is also acknowledged as Chikalthana Airport is at a distance of 10-11 km from the city centre. This airport is well connected with other main Indian cities. Standard air services to Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi and Jodhpur are available on regular basis from Aurangabad.

By Train

The nearest railway station to reach Shah Ganj Mosque is Manmad railway station. This railways station is at a distance of 120 km from city of Aurangabad. Regular buses are also available from here. One can also choose personal taxi or cabs from here to reach the mosque.

By Road

Aurangabad is linked to all the main cities in the Maharashtra. You can use Government transport buses which are quite cheap fared or overnight luxury bus services which are running between Aurangabad and Mumbai (fare is near about Rs 1,100). Private taxis and cabs are another good option which is also easily available.

Best Time to Visit

Aurangabad has a very pleasant and calming enjoyable weather during the months from October to March so the best time to visit this arty mosque is from the months of October to March. But in the holiday months, April and May the temperature here is very high and hence making the weather really hot and humid making it difficult to travel around comfortably. Summers are quite hot and dry and Maharashtra is famous for heavy rains so it should be avoided during these times.

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