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Ghorawadi Caves

Ghorawadi Caves – An Appreciation of Lost Heritage

The Ghorawdeshwar also known as Ghorawadi caves is a traveler’s paradise. They are situated near Dehu road, around 40 kilometers from Pune, which is a state in Maharashtra, India. This place is not so popular but it is worth visiting. These caves are famous for its artistic and ancient caves. These are the primitive Buddhist caves that carved on a single stone from a hill. Archeologists describe that the caves were carved around the 3rd and 4th century.

There will not be much crowd in these caves since very few people know the beauty and location of these caves.

There are around 11 caves, among which there is one big cave which can accommodate many people, there’s a place where Shiv Linga is situated. Many people visit this fascinating Shiv linga every year during Mahashivratri. This Shiva temple is well known for its heritage and legacy at this festival time. From the carvings on the walls of caves one will get to know that these caves took birth in the Buddhist period.

These elegant caves are the place worth visiting for the people who are interested in exploring things. The ultimate sculpture and eye caching pictures of lords on few caves is the most exciting and astonishing part of the journey. One has to walk around 2 to 3 kilometers to reach this Ghorawadi caves so monsoons are the best time for the journey. So all one can say is Ghorawadi caves are the beauty at its best.


Ghorawadi caves are known to be taken birth in 3rd and 4th century. As per the description on one of the walls in Brahmi script says that the Griha which is also known as Chaityagriha is dedicated with affection by Buddha. On some of the caves of Ghorawadi, there are deities of Rakhumai, Vitthal and Saint Tukaram. There is saying that Saint Tukaram has adobe the places like Ghorawadi cave, Bhandara, Bhamchandra near Dehu, Durga Tekdi near Nigdi for his meditation.


It is said that these caves are of single stone architecture. Also said they are built during the Buddhist period. There are nine rooms joined to a Griha. This Griha has now taken the shape of Ghorawdeshwar temple. The other nine rooms are dedicated for meditation. Brahmi scripts can be found carved on the walls of the caves. The divinity of lord Vitthal, Rakhumai and Saint Tukaram can also be found in these caves. A beautiful Shiv linga is located in one of the caves. The cave is so big that it can accommodate many people. Several devotees of Lord Shiva visit this place during Mahashivratri to take divine blessings of Lord Shiva.

Gateway to Ghorwadi Caves

In Pune district, Dehu Road is a camp town in the state of Maharashtra, India. This is located at 27 km northwest of Pune on the NH4 Old Pune-Mumbai Highway. This Dehu road connects to the Pune city proper. Dehu road is the gate way to Ghorawadi caves alongside it has many tourist places like Durga Tekdi which is a Durga Devi temple on a hill located in Nigdi Pune, Durgadevi Park in Pimpri Chinchwad which is another city of Pune near Dehu Road.

Accessible Routes

By Air

Pune international Airport is the one reachable airport which is located at a distance of 10 kilometers North-east of Pune.

By Rail

Dehu Road can be reached from Pune by suburban rail which reaches Dehu Road railway station. From there one has to travel by bus to reach Ghorawadi.

By Road

There are many buses from Pune which reaches Ghorawadi. From Ghorawadi, caves are at the walk able distance.

Weather and Best time to Visit

The hottest month of the year is May with an average temperature of 32.4 degrees. And the lowest average temperature of the year is 21.5 degrees in the month of December.

Winters – (November to February) this period temperature will be from 20-25 degrees and it is the ideal time to walk through the caves and to explore it.

Summers – (March to May) during this period temperatures will be around 30-38 degree, it is pretty tough time to walk through the caves since the hot sun heats up the caves.

Monsoons – (June to September) even this is an ideal time for those who enjoy the scenic beauty and water fall in and around the caves. This is a pretty cool time to visit Ghorawadi caves.

November to February - The climate is a bit dry and pleasant which is an optimum time to visit the caves. March to May is pretty hot time, which makes the journey tough and burdensome. Monsoons are also best time with slight rainfall and cool climate.

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