Maharashtrian soups are famous for their flavor and taste. Soups are not only sumptuous but they also soothe and relax you. They have a lot of health benefits. By far, it is undoubtedly the most comforting, healthy and tasty food. In Maharashtra, like in all other parts of the country, soups are consumed along with the main course.

Popular Soups of Maharashtra

Here is a list of all the mouth watering soups that are made in Maharashtra.

  • Kadhi: Prepared with besan and curd, the Maharashtrian Kadhi is slightly thicker than the Punjabi Kadhi. It is cooked with curry leaves. It gets a rich distinct flavor with the ginger garlic paste and the mustard seeds that it is tempered with.
  • Sol Kadhi: This is a well known dish from the Konkan area of the state of Maharashtra. It has a cooling effect and serves as an appetizer. Traditionally served with cooked rice, Sol Kadhi is also good for digestion. It is tempered to increase the flavor when served as a main course dish. It is also famous as the Kolam Kadhi.
  • Tomato Saar: Is a very popular soup of the region that is made with or without ground coconuts or coconut milk. It has a delicious tangy flavor. Garlic, chillies, ginger are ground together and added to tomato puree. Grounded coconut may also be added. These ingredients make the Tomato Saar spicy and hot. It may be enjoyed with steamed rice or as soup.
  • Kokamsaar: This soup is wonderful for reducing acidity. The tadka may be omitted if it is consumed as a soup. As the name suggests, the main ingredient is kokum, a dried fruit found in the region and this soup is a great appetizer.
  • Varan: This is a non-spicy dal. It is made out of lentils. Varan bhaat or varan with rice is the ultimate comfort food. It is specially made during the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi.

The various soups of Maharashtra are not only healthy but also very tasty. They are still prepared using the traditional recipes and the taste is unbelievably good.

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