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The woodwork of Punjab is famous globally for its high degree of artistry and detailing. Punjabi carpenters have unmatched skills in creating vintage furniture that not only have a high visual appeal but are also extremely durable and sturdy. Traditional Punjabi carpenters are extremely adept at making some of the most creative pieces of furniture for decorating homes.

The traditional carpenters from Punjab are known for their high degree of expertise in creative elaborate wooden designs with the help of simple, hand-held tools, while completely depending on their judgment and skills to deliver exquisite pieces of furniture.

The Large Wooden Bed is an Iconic Symbol of Ancient Woodwork

One of the most popular pieces of traditional Punjabi furniture that’s often ordered from across the country is the large wooden bed. The extremely strong and large-sized creative bed comes fitted with mirrors and exquisitely carved designer leg supports called Pawas. Carpenters also use attractive motifs of birds, animals, birds and geometrical patterns to make the Pawas more attractive.

Highly famous furniture churned out by the craftsmen of almost every village of Punjab is the peera. It is a low seat and extremely comfortable to use stool that’s unique to Punjab. You are sure to find at least one in every home.

Other Popular forms of Traditional Punjab Woodwork

There are various forms of woodwork that craftsmen create using their knowledge of ancient Punjabi traditional art. Some of the most popular wooden artifacts include lacquer work, carriage building, musical instruments, turnery, home furniture and boat building. Punjab and adjoining regions has the largest number of ox carts. These carts have evolved with time to make it easy for bullock cart riders to take wares to the market or carry produce from the fields. Their simple yet sturdy construction display ample measures of rustic common sense.

Contribution of Urban and Rural Carpenters

In Punjab, carpenters are called Tarkhans. Their works can be divided into rural and urban categories. The urban carpenters make their living by engaging in house building, making high quality home, commercial furniture and even toys. Those who are engaged in house building are trained in special skills and are in high demand in the Punjab construction industry. Craftsmen who are experts at creating delicate and detailed carving on the doors and doorframes, facades, pillars, rafters and eaves are also regarded as artisans with high skill value.

Carpenters plying their wares in rural Punjab also have a significant role to play in preserving the glorious tradition of ancient woodwork. They are primarily engaged in building and repairing of carriages and carts of various types. The Ramgarhia clan of the Sikhs is known for their carpentry skills that involve the old method and processes used by their ancestors.

Punjab is also famous for the unique wooden chessboard, decorative boxes, spectacularly carved chair and table legs, mirror frames and toys, all made from high grade pine wood. The best carpenters with expertise in ancient woodwork come from Amritsar, Patiala, Bhera, Hoshiarpur and Jalandhar. They are much-admired for their superb artistic skills.

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