Punjab is rich in its craft and art. The land’s richness can be analyzed from the handicraft of the state. The Punjabi people give a lot of significance to their artistic quality and to their jobs, which may be any small detail. Their talent is reflected in those things which are even not so noticeable, for example day to day wears, shoes, carpets etc. Their artistry is highly praised throughout the globe. Punjab’s expert and laborious artisans contribute to different handicrafts, also women from villages and small towns are a part of these contributions. Things made of mud are popularly produced in rural areas of the state since ancient period. There is a fashion, in the state’s homes, of plastering their walls with mud upon which motifs or various designs are created.

Another very famous practice in the state is the work of metals. Metallic utensils are commonly used in houses of the state, as well as for holy uses. Handicrafts made by the carpenters of Punjab that are also quite famous in Northern India are Peeras (also Peerians), pidhis, wooden toys and attractive boxes. Thin glass’ straws are made use of in basketry, another very famous craft of Punjab. The straws are also skillfully woven into mats, carpets, hand fans, rugs and curtains. Another widely adopted work here is embroidery, which is known by different names locally. Phulkari which is a complex task is very famous and mostly, girls from villages do this elaborate job. Many different handicrafts are there specific of the region and the famous ones are described below.

Basketry in Punjab

A very old and largely followed work of handicraft in Punjab is basketry. For the sake of work, generally the village women are involved in this job. In the beginning, this handicraft was used for domestic functions.

Durries of Punjab

The useful and remarkable rugs that are woven as flat are the durries. These durries are being used as floor carpets or like bed sheets. The elaborate designs make these durries different from any usual carpet or bed cover.

Folk Toys of Punjab

The artistic qualities and societal ethics are perfectly been blended into the Punjab’s regional toys. These toys which are hand-made are being produced since Civilization of Indus Valley between 2500 and 1700 BC. That time’s well-known toys are a lot of tiny carts of mud.

Juttis of Punjab

Juttis are traditional shoes of the state, which are very popular throughout the world for their beautiful designs and patterns. These traditional shoes of India are also made in Haryana and Rajasthan, among few others.

Mud Works of Punjab

The popular handicraft of the state since ancient times is the mud art. It shows the creativity of Punjab at its peak, in which even the boring objects are turned into brilliant work of art. Punjabi people have Chowk-Poorna, an art in which they plaster the walls of their houses with soil or mud, and after that, making striking designs on them.

Punjabi Paintings

One very deserving piece of Punjab’s art is friezes and wall paintings. Mostly stable surfaces, such as walls, gates and others, are embossed with these paintings. People of Punjab are energetic and youthful.

Punjabi Paranda

Another handicraft, a traditional one, is the Paranda. The paranda is a vibrant hanging hair accessory of women of Punjab. These women tie these parandas in their plait. These are of various colors as well as designs. Threads of silk are combined together with adroitness to form these parandas.

Punjabi Phulkari

Phulkari is the work of flower done on dresses to add to its beauty. Shawls, headscarves and also dupattas are embroidered beautifully with this work, simply and sparsely. Sometimes the work is so dense that it covers whole of the cloth and the base cloth gets hidden.

Punjab Weaving

The weaving work and the embroidery in Punjab are traditional and well-known around the globe. In embroidery, cloths are adorned with the use of needle and threads which are colorful. These are very attractive as various materials are used on them such as pearls, beads, sequins, tiny mirrors, quills, etc.

Punjab Woodwork

The artistic work of wood of Punjab is very popular throughout the world like its other handicrafts. The carpenters of Punjab are expert and make strong, attractive and durable furniture. They make a special kind of bed with mirrors fitted in the back and are carved with colorful and beautiful legs which are called to be pawas.

Traditional Ornaments

In Punjab, there is a trend to wear a lot of jewelry in marriages as well as on many occasions. Various industries are there in Punjab which provides these conventional jewelries. The creativity and artistic qualities of the goldsmiths here, is reflected in their designs of traditional ornaments. This jewelry art demands carefulness along with high patience. Several important conventional Punjab’s ornaments, which are in demand at other places also, are given below.

  • Turah-i- Marwarid - the chain of dazzling pearls adorning the bridegroom’s vibrant turbans
  • Sir Mang - the bride’s long gold string to be wore on forehead and jaded with gems
  • Karnphul, Jhumka and Dhedu -  the different earrings’ types to be wore by women
  • Bala - a giant gold earring that Sikhs, Dogra men and Khatris wear
  • Nath - a big ring of gold wore by women which are married as their marriage symbol
  • Chandanhar - a choker with a number of chains of gold that a women wear during her marriage


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