Transportation In Punjab

Punjab is one of the well developed states of Indian Union in all fields. The state with a total area of above fifty thousand sq km has an excellent infrastructure. The state is famous for its excellent road networks and availability of various modes of transport like taxis, buses, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. Availability of these transportation modes helps the tourists visiting the state and also the locals. Rail and road transport forms the bulk of transportation in the state. There are numerous National Highways and state highways passing through the state. Apart from this availability of various intercity trains makes the daily commuters life very comfortable. The ensuing paragraphs provide a better insight to local transport in Punjab.


Punjab state has a total of five civil airports. Amritsar International airport, which is known as Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is the largest airport in Punjab. Also, it is the second busiest airport in North India after Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi.

Other airports in Punjab are:

  • Bhatinda Airport
  • Pathankot Airport
  • Patiala Airport
  • Sahnewal Airport


Buses are the most accessible and comfortable means of transportation within the state. The Punjab State Roadways run a number of public buses by the name Punjab Roadways and PUNBUS. These buses provide utmost comfort and have very reasonable fares. This is the reason why majority of people prefer to travel by bus in the state. Apart from the buses run by the government, several private bus services also operate in the state. It is very easy to travel from one destination to other using these abundant and comfortable bus services.

About Punbus

PUNBUS is the dream project of Punjab Govt. It aims at providing better quality and comfort levels in the field of public service. It also strives to provide modern amenities to popularize public transport sector among the people.

PUNBUS or Punjab State Bus Stand Management Company Limited came into existence in the year 1995 at Jalandhar. Complete equity participation of PUNBUS is by the Punjab State. Commencement of business certificate was granted to PUNBUS by the Registrar of Punjab (Jalandhar) in June 1995.

Objectivies of Punbus Company

The prime objective of PUNBUS company is:-

  • Maintenance and renovation of bus stands across the state of Punjab.
  • Operate commercial bus services across India.


In Punjab, you can avail train facilities for traveling from one city to other. There is no provision for trains within the city.


For comfort loving people taxis are the best means of journey both within the cities and from one city to another. So do not hesitate to pay more for little extra comfort. There are numerous taxis and taxi service agents available on important locations in Punjab.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rickshaws are easily accessible means of journey within the city. They are cheaper and comfortable than the city buses. However, it is advisable to bargain and fix fare at the time of boarding auto.

Cycle Rickshaws

Cycle Rickshaws are pulled manually and hence are only suitable for short distances. It is the cheapest means of travel within the city.


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