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Shopping Items In Punjab

Punjab is known for the rich collection of products related to handloom and handicrafts. Since long, it has been a well known region for manufacturing and exporting hosiery, handicrafts and handloom goods in the country. During trips to Punjab, shopping is considered to be a must and this is quite acknowledged among visitors, which is a norm with people, whenever they are out on vacation. In Punjab, tourists can have plenty of things to choose from. The culture of Punjab is deeply reflected in traditional products and items it has in store for the tourists. Most places in Punjab, starting from Chandigarh to Ludhiana and also pathankot like areas have plenty of opportunities for purpose of shopping.

Shopping Items In Punjab

The state of Punjab has become well known for jutties, durries, inlaid furniture, woolen shawls, parandis, phulkari work, leather garments, sport goods, and even jewelery. Such items with traditional touch are found in almost all parts of the state, wherever one visits. Some of the common items, which are supposed to be taken back, as memories of visiting Punjab are as follows.


Rugs with flat and woven designs are Punjabi durries, usually utilized as carpets or as bedcovers. Durries are usually spread out over the place where large number of people conglomerate, either for religious or political or other purposes, so as to enable them to sit down. Popularity of these durries is quite high, since they have traditional designs, crafted with skill giving attention to minute details. They are very low priced, but have richness, which add to the decoration of the interior décor of the house. Usually, these durries are mostly produced in Chandigarh and Amritsar, although most of the Punjab has these available.


In Punjab, typical styles of footwear is quite well known, which are named as jutties. Their unusual feature is the display in a grand manner, of various designs and patterns. Embroidery work is done in a beautiful manner on these jutties, which is quite impressive. These shoes require real hard work, since they are supposed to represent glory and elegance of Punjab. Fancy materials are also used in such jutties, like those of pearls, beads, small mirrors, coloured threads and sometimes sea shells. On wearing these foot wears, one feels quite comfortable and sense of royalty.


Phulkari craft is something where embroidery in artistic styling is done on various dress materials like saree, the salwar dress or the dupatta. This design is supposedly covering a major part of the dress material, so that the base becomes almost invisible and therefore, the name Bagh or flower garden is given to such a dress. Bagh dress is used during special events such as festivals or marriage ceremonies. For the purpose of phulkari embroidery, the thread that is used is special, known as pat. Variety of designs can be crafted which can range from animals or natural sights, sun or the moon, vegetables, human life, and so on. Anything imaginable can be depicted on the phulkari, except for religious depictions. Some of the kinds of baghs or phulkaris are known as satrang, surjamukhi, champa, suber, darshan dwar, bawan bagh, ghunghat bagh, vari-da-bagh and Chope.


Parandis are worn on hair, which are kind of attractive artifact which hang. Punjabi females use these kinds of hair decorations, especially in the rural and semi urban areas. Their hair is plaited using parandi, which also serves the purpose of decoration and is found tied towards the end of the plait. Silken threads are usually utilized in the preparation of the parandis, in which these threads are artistically clustered together. Many patterns and designs of these hangings are available.


Shawls made in Punjab are well known in many parts of the world, especially due to the intricately created designs and comfort and moreover, they are quite reasonably priced. Varieties of these shawls are found in Punjab, some of these being jamavar, angora, beaded pashmina, embroidered pashmina, kulu shawls, cashmillon shawls and shawls of jacquard types. Prominent centres in Punjab, where these shawls are available are Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

Inlaid Furniture

Lots of exclusively designed furniture of inlaid types is present in Punjab. Their carving is done with designs of various geometrical shapes, floral patterns, cornered or rounded tables, small sitting stools known as peeras, beds, furniture from walnut wood and several others. Primary areas involved in the manufacturing of these kinds of inlaid furniture are Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Bhera and Jalandhar.


Apart from the articles mentioned above, people can look out for shopping of other items also. In different styles and patterns, leather jackets are available, attracting many of the tourists. There are special dolls available in Punjab, such as the bhangra doll, bride doll and few others, which are especially well known. Peshawari pakkhe or Kundaladar Pakkhi, which are types of hand fans, toys related to folklore, baskets and other attractions are also found in Punjab.

Where To Shop in Punjab

Rainak Bazaar

Although many malls with plush styling are found inside the cityscape of Jalandhar, the Rainak Bazaar is bit cramped for space, located near the Nakoddar Chawk and is still one of the favourite locations for shopping enthusiasts from the city. The narrow streets along the bazaar are lined with scooters, cycles, rickshaws and other vehicles in an haphazard manner, because small kiosks are in plenty, selling items sought by the public.

This market has lots of items to offer, starting from apparel, cosmetics, toys, footwear, kitchenware, stuffs for kids, eatables and plastic items, which are available at very low prices. Besides, wedding wear retail shops, jewellery of silver and various items of Punjabi tradition and culture like brassware, pictures, handicrafts and silverware are also present in this locality.

When this market is visited on a Sunday, one can have plenty of options. The history of the bazaar almost dates back to the existence of the city itself and gives the true picture of this city existing from ancient times.

Shastri Market

The best spot in Chandigarh to go for bargaining is the Shastri Market. Almost at all times of the day, this market is heavily bustling with crowd, comprising of tourists, students from colleges, city people and others, who are busy haggling for night wear clothes, designer fabric materials and jewellery items at cheapest price possible.

Most of the stocks present in this market are of the seasonal variety and shorts, cotton pajamas, skirts, and summer wear are found during the summer time, while winters are full of knitwear, shawls with embroidery, coats priced between Rs 100 to Rs 500, and trendy crochet caps, which are also quite cheap.

One of the important shops is the Gutu Kripa, which needs to be checked out, offering exporting cotton fabrics, which has plenty of floral prints. Lots of footwear varieties are also found ranging from the kolhapuri designs to the stilettos with high heels and even slippers. While bargaining for various goods, one can also have aromatic food in places such as Tehal Singh, Chawla’s or Aroma.

Palika Bazaar

Located in Chandigarh’s Sector 19, palika bazaar is a market, where one cannot find sufficient space to put the feet. But, this is a place,, where one can find the best of dupattas, salwaar kameez, sherwanis, lehangas for bridal wear, faux jewellery, saris and bangles of various designs, at rates, which are competitively cheaper.

The market complex is multistoried, suitable for picking up a designer apparel and bridal wear. For those looking out for bargains, it will require skills to get the right price and take away a wedding dress of Rs 30,000 at almost half of the quote cost. Another good thing about this market is that the same dress can be brought on rent at few thousands of rupees.

This market is also good for various home decoration items, besides the apparels because there are lines of shops, which deal with crockery items, pillow covers, bed linen, curtains, sofa covers and other home decoration materials. Shopkeepers are also quite welcoming and ready to put up bargains.

Sector 7 Market

This market is visited by people from the locality as well as by tourists and is supposedly the most suitable place for shopping along the street near to Panchkula. Market area is spread like a maze and the sellers by the roadside have best, newest and coolest items of fashion clothing.

Both semi casual and casual wear are found in this place, at prices as less as Rs. 50. Funky design shorts, harem pants, skirts, tops, pajamas and various summer dresses are found here. Matching bags with trendy footwer are commonly available.

Krishna Bag house is one of the must visit places for its quality bags, available at cheap costs. There are other shops also, which should be visited such as the twin shop of sweets, Shiv and Chaman sweets, where many tired shoppers have their fill and the various stalls of henna designs, where one can get hand paintings in various designs of henna.

Where: Sector 7 Markets, Panchkula

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