Culture, cuisine and history are the mainstay of tourism in the state of Punjab, a region which is considered to be the land of hardworking people. Predominantly with Sikh population, the state has rich culture and heritage, which is evident from the forts and palaces. This is also a place with lots of opportunities for historical sightseeing and checking out the heritage of Punjab from up close. People in this part of the country are followers of Sikhism and this is reflected very intensely in the manner in which they maintain their lifestyle. Hence, gurudwaras or the sacred place of worship of Sikhs is found in most of the cities and villages.

Agriculture in Punjab is one of the most well-established and prosperous avenues and people have been carrying out this trade with elan and pride. Good agricultural output is found in the state in huge amounts and in large quantities, with many products being sent across into other countries while at the same time, meeting the needs of the states of India. Tourism in Punjab is also on the rise these days, mostly because of the historical places of interest.

Entertainment in Punjab found in Plenty during Tourism Trips

To some extent, places of entertainment in Punjab have also boosted the tourism, as tourists are able to indulge in engrossing activities during their visits to Punjab. Without the mention of religious ceremonies, entertainment activities do not seem to fall in place. Entertainment of tourists is served right by the various ceremonies organised in Gurudwaras, mostly marking the anniversaries of Sikh gurus. There are mass langars, kirtans and Sangeet events organised in the Golden Temple in Amritsar on a regular basis. All these occasions are also marked by the very well known programmes of traditional and folk dance forms of Punjab such as the Bhangra and Giddha.

Typical Punjabi Dance of Bhangra and Folk Songs

When Bhangra is spoken about as a means of dance in the folk forms of Punjab, it fills the senses with foot tapping music emanating from the Dhols. This form of dance is so famous for the state that people tend to associate it with Punjab inherently. It is gradually becoming a common event in various parties and functions in other parts of the country and is being given a modern look. Along with dhol, various other musical instruments are also being played accompanied by high tempo music, traditionally attired dancers and high octave singing. Bhangra is primarily performed by the men while Giddha is an equivalent form common among the women. All celebratory occasions of the state necessarily have this dance form and this is a great way to entertain the crowds. When tourists are visiting the sightseeing places in Punjab, they will find Bhangra being performed during different occasions.

Festivities Mark Special Entertainments

Taking up tours at times of festivals and celebrations, people will be entertained with the rituals and customs of Punjab. This is a great way to understand the culture of the state and live a couple of days enjoying the fanfare and charm in the duration of visits to the state. Baisakhi, Vasant Panchami in Patiala, Holi, Lohri, Gurupurab, and Diwali in Golden Temple are some important occasions which are worth having a glimpse. These festivities make it a great reason for the tourists to be in Punjab, because it gives a special splendour to the occasion where the tourists can also mingle in. Plenty of dance and singing and beautiful Bhangra dances are common with people of Punjab dressed in their cultural and traditional outfits.

Modern Entertainment Forms in Malls and Parks

When it comes to modern entertainment forms, Punjab also has plenty of these sites, although most of them have been established in modern days. There are few amusement parks like Hardy’s World Amusement Park in Ludhiana, Thunder Zone Amusement and Water Park in Mohali and a popular recreational centre in Jalandhar City named as Wonderland Theme Park in Kapurthala. Some new malls have opened up in various cities of Punjab offering the local people as well as the tourists to go for trendy shopping. Places like Ansal Plaza mall in Phagwara, Manoranjan Park 5D Cinema in Faridkot, West End Mall in Ludhiana and some multiplexes are great places to be entertained during their visits to the state of Punjab.

During touring around Punjab, people can easily find means to be entertained, while enjoying the rich culture and heritage of the palaces, forts, gurudwaras and few other places of historical and architectural importance. These trips are also marked by the taste of different Punjabi cuisines, which are well known and found in plenty of restaurants and road side eateries called Dhabas.

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