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Traditional Ornaments

Punjabis are known as much for their bravery and exuberant lifestyle as for their love for ornaments. Punjabi jewelry is known not only for its variety and traditional connotation but also for its aesthetics. The variety of traditional ornaments used by women is virtually endless. However, almost every piece of ornament that adorn men and women of Punjab has a cultural or religious relevance attached to it. Let’s have a closer look at some of the main traditional ornaments worn by men and women of Punjab.

Ornaments Worn on the Head/Forehead by Women

The maang jewel is worn in the center of the hair parting and dangles on the forehead in the shape of a lovely pendant. The maang jewel is worn mostly by married women. The Chaunk or phul is a round pendant in the shape of a flower and worn on the forehead. Damni is another popular traditional jewelry that decorates the forehead and the sides of the face while the Kaksha is a small piece of jewel that has a chain and hangs on the forehead. A famous piece of traditional jewelry worn exclusively by Punjabi women is the jhumar which is a tassel-shaped pendant.

The Men Adorn their Turban with Exquisite Jewels

Punjabi men perhaps have the largest choice and variety of ornaments to pick from when compared to their male counterparts from other states of India. They can choose from the Sarpesh and the Kutbiladar to wear in front of their turban. They also wear tassels of quality pearls in their turban on special occasions. During weddings, males generally wear a Mukat, which is a type of jeweled head gear or crown.

Traditional Earrings for Men and Women

Traditional Punjabi ornaments also include the earrings worn by men and women on the earlobe called the Bala (male) and Bali (female). They are large rings and usually have a pearl strung on it. Smaller rings are called Murki while one with multiple studs is called Dur. The Duriach is an earring with an ornamental tassel. Women wear various types of traditional ornaments in the ear such as the Kantala, Khalli, Mach Machlian, Dedi and Mor Phunwar. The ornaments worn on the nose includes traditional wear like the Nath, Bohr, Bulak, Morni, Laung or the Phuli.

Necklaces are a Hit among both Men and Women

Punjabis love to show off their collection of ornaments, especially during occasions such as weddings, festivals, traditional occasions and gatherings. They love flaunting traditional necklaces which come in various shapes and sizes. For men, the Mala is the most commonly used necklace and is a large ornament that has intricate designs and beads. It hangs loosely from the neck. The Kantha is an ornament worn tightly around the neck, mostly without any pendent. The popularly known Taweez is a rectangular shaped amulet tied around the arm with jewel embellishments. The Zanjiri is a stunning piece of jewelry which comes with a set of chains.

Women’s necklace includes the Chandan Haar worn as a collar on the neck, the Champakali which has metal or stone pendants, Mohran in which a gold coin is hung by a single string of silk and the Guluband which is a jeweled collar. Women’s traditional jewelry also includes various types of bracelets, arm ornaments, rings worn in fingers and anklets.

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