The art of making dolls has been followed in Punjab since centuries. Mostly, the women of Punjab engage in making dolls using a variety of materials. Along with being an artifact, it is even a source of income for the women folks of Punjab.

Some of the popular dolls made here include Punjabi brides or people engaging in Bhangra. They are usually displayed as an item of show. Sometimes, people also use dolls as puppets for fun. Even though the art of making dolls is followed all across Punjab, it is majorly prevalent in Chandigarh.

It is the use of vibrant colors used in doll making which has made this work popular across India and abroad. As doll making has been a part of tradition in Punjab, the colors that are used largely displays the bright, happy and descriptive nature of the colorful culture here. Over the years, development of technology has helped in enhancing the handicraft industry and even the process of doll making.

One of the primary reasons for the spread of this art in Punjab is the availability of raw material. It is an agricultural state and therefore different materials are conveniently available. This, along with fondness for making dolls, has given a greater boost to this ancient industry of Punjab. The dolls that are made in Punjab come in different shapes and sizes.

Doll Making in Punjab

The process of making dolls represents the colorful and strong culture of Punjab. Those who are engaged in doll making give special attention to the detailing of the dolls so that they can represent their original forms. Starting from the turban worn by men to the paranda worn by women, interesting aspects of Indian culture are displayed in these dolls. Interestingly, the artisans making these dolls continue to do it using traditional methods, which make the dolls particularly loved across India.

Uses of Dolls

The dolls that are made in Punjab are used as decoration at home, office and at public places. They are also used extensively by the hospitality industry because they add immense life to a place. People visiting Punjab take these dolls as a token of love for their loved ones. Tourists visiting India and Punjab from abroad take them back as a souvenir.

Material Used for Making Dolls in Punjab

Cloth and cotton are the two main products used for doll making in Punjab. In addition to this, other glittery materials are used to make turbans and the chunri. There are many artists who are following their family business of making dolls over the decades. They make the dresses of these dolls in an interesting and detailed manner using the right colors and materials. Beads, strings and sequins are also often used to create jewelry for the dolls. A wooden base is given to the dolls so that they can be placed on the shelves in a hassle free manner.

Clay dolls are also available in Punjab. However, it is the cloth and cotton dolls that are famous because they are easy to maintain and they have a longer shelf life. As there is no fixed pattern of making dolls in Punjab, only special care and attention to detail is required to create some extraordinary pieces.

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