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Traditional Dresses Of Punjab

The traditional dresses effortlessly merge style elements, comfort and colors. Phulkari is commonly seen in most Punjabi costumes. It is a type of flower work or a unique kind of embroidery specific to this region. It represents and typical costume of women living in rural Punjab and is quite unlike the later day Phulkari styling used by modern Punjabi women. During traditional festivals and rituals, women wear an amazing type of Phulkari known as Bagh in which there is rich embroidery made of brilliant colors and attractive patterns.

Churidar and Kurta

Churidar and Kurta is the most commonly worn costume among Punjabi women. This is the traditional dress of Punjab women, but now its popularity has spread far and wide and is worn all over India. This is a highly comfortable dress that women from rural as well as urban Punjab prefer wearing over other types of costumes such as the Indian sari.

Salwar and Kameez

Salwar kameez is another commonly worn traditional costume of Punjab. They are usually of bright, dark and brilliant colors and are matched with a matching or contrasting colored Dupatta. It is mostly shiny in texture and draped over the head as a part of their religious custom. Women also wear shawls which also come with beautiful Phulkari designs. Punjabi women love to flaunt shawls with floral motifs and embroidery set in jewel designs.

Gold Jewelry and Other Traditional Ornaments

Punjabi women also like to wear their gold jewelry over their colorful dresses, especially on special occasions such as weddings or religious functions.  They also use multi-colored glass bangles, stunning necklaces, nose pins, large earrings, anklets, toe rings and other decorative ornaments. Women are never seen without their kadhas, the traditional steel bangle which has a religious significance.

Types of Traditional Dresses Worn By Punjabi Men

Men generally wear the traditional dress of Kurta and Pajama. The Kurta is worn on the top and is a loose apparel with a straight cut for comfortable movement. It is similar to a shirt but with long sleeves and no opening in the front. The kurta is worn by pulling it over the head like a banyan or top vest. The Pajama or Pyjama is a loose fitting pant tied to the waist with a broad string. Some men also wear the traditional tehmat, more popularly known as the lungi with the kurta.

The Punjabi Padgi or Turban

Punjabi men are recognized the world over by their unique headgear called the Pug or Pagdi. The turbaned Sikh is a common sight in most parts of the world because most of them do not sacrifice their Pagdi because it is a symbol of their religion and a sign of honor or respect to their Guru. Traditional Punjabis do not cut their hair or shave as their religion does not permit them to do so. However, with changing times, the modern Punjabis have given up these customs and dress and wear their hair just like others. The turbans are worn in various colors to match their kurta or shirt.

The traditional dress of Punjabi men includes the traditional shoes called the Jutti. It is a type of handcrafted footwear typically associated with the Punjabis. The juttis have no left-foot or right foot distinction and take the shape of the feet over a period of time. The jutti of a man differs from that worn by women in its design. The one worn by men come with an extended curve at the tip of the foot. Women’s juttis have extensive embellishments and embroidery.

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