Punjab is traditionally known for their artistic woodwork which displays a lot of creative styling. Punjabi carpenters are in demand all over the globe because they seem to possess extraordinary skills which help them carve intricate designs and artistic features effortlessly. Among the various popular and high quality wood works associated with ancient Punjab, the Pidhis stand out because of several reasons.

What Makes Pidhis So Popular

Pidhis are small stools created out of wood but what make these stools special are the intricate carvings and designs etched on them by expert hands. Measuring merely six to eight inches in height, Pidhis are used by Punjabis to decorate their room as it delivers a touch of tradition among the other modern day furniture that one usually orders off the shelf of furniture sellers. Pidhis are not mass-produced unlike the furniture that most people use today. They are carefully created by carpenters making use of their traditional knowledge of Punjabi-style traditional wood work that has been passed down through the generations.

A Great Piece of Adornment for Your Room

Pidhis are made primarily in Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, and Katarpur but there are artisans who have expertise in creating these types of furniture all over the state. Punjabis love displaying Pidhis in their living room because despite being traditional in look and design, it can blend seamlessly with the ultra-modern furniture and add to the beauty of the room.

Pidhis of Punjab is a major seller at most exhibitions selling handicrafts because of their high attraction and utility value. They are eloquent, comfortable to sit and read and attractive as well. The four-legged stool is the favorite sitting place of Punjabis while reading, watching television or while having tete-a-tete in company of friends or relatives. Apart from the detailed carving and exquisitely shaped legs, the craftsmen also make use of bright and colorful threads to add to the majestic look of the stool.

Famous In India and Across the Globe

Pidhis along with other traditionally designed and hand-crafted wooden furniture are in demand not only in Punjab but also within Indian markets and internationally. The art of creating Pidhis has thankfully passed down and have held on their own despite the growing demand for mass manufactured modular furniture.

Carpenters from states like Bhera, Amritsar, Patiala, and Jalandhar are highly applauded for their artistic skills which reflect in some of the finest wood works available here. They use their skills in the area of carving, coloring, incising, and inlaying to create pieces of furniture that not only look stunning but also last long.

Punjab artisans know how to make wooden furniture last a lifetime with their advanced knowledge of lacquer finishing. The furniture is creatively adorned with engravings and colored mirrors. Despite advancing technology casting a shadow on traditional art forms in furniture making, the makers of Pidhis have not succumbed to the temptation of using modern machines for creating these stools. Even buyers prefer Pidhis in which the sincere effort of handcrafting and the perfection of this art are clearly visible.

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