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Punjab is easily one of the most culturally rich states steeped in tradition. Over the years, Punjab has come forward as a progressive and affluent state of India. The handicraft industry of this state is one of its main sources of income. Amidst the big handcraft industry, folk toys of Punjab are popular across the world. These folk toys represent the culture and the dynamic persona of the state. It is the skill and innovation of craftsmen of Punjab that has made these toys popular among the people of the state and visitors.

The folk toys created in Punjab might have been in existence since centuries. However, artisans have experimented with this art extensively to give rise to new toys and styles every time. Even during the Indus valley civilization, folk toys acted as a center of attraction for kids. Today, these folk toys from Punjab are largely used as pieces of decoration at home and in offices.

An Ongoing Tradition

In Punjab, you will be able to find homes where they follow the family tradition of making folk toys. Some of them have interesting tales to tell. Their repertoire of interesting old and new toys also tells the story of how this art has evolved.

As the time goes by, people are engaging in new methods of making folk toys. These are being practiced along with the traditional forms to give buyers a flavor of the past in a brand new package. Experts who are engaged in making folk toys always state that it is the love for new ideas that has kept them going. This enthusiasm has kept an ancient art alive. Since independence, the folk toy industry has been given a lot of importance and today even the government is taking a lot of initiative to promote folk toys and the handicraft industry of Punjab.

The Types of Punjabi Folk Toys

Carts made of Terracotta along with Chankana (a toy that holds a ghungru and whistle) are some of the most famous folk toys from Punjab. In addition to this, the rattlebox is another folk toy that is loved by toddlers. Apart from clay, the folk toys made in Punjab are also designed with a wide assortment of materials such as thermocol, cotton and straw.

These toys are also being made for educational purposes. They are being made as learning cubes, blocks or even in the form of an abacus. Together, these are used by the rich and poor of Punjab to teach new and interesting things to their child. Many schools of Punjab are using these traditional methods or rather these traditional folk toys of Punjab to teach students. Lattu is another popular folk toy of Punjab that has an affectionate place in the heart of every child brought up in Punjab as well as India.

Popularity of Folk Toys Rising

Folk toys of Punjab come in different designs and shapes. These folk toys represent wheeled vehicles, equestrian, animals and birds. There is even a segregation of folk toys for both boys and girls. The girls can get their hands on toys like a parat, chulha, handi, tawa and dol. Boys can find carts and tractors, guns and spinning wheel.

Tourists coming to Punjab love to take these folk toys as a token of love. Even during the fairs of Punjab, you will be able to see a good collection of folk toys that represent the vibrant culture of Punjab in a unique way.

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