Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

A Look into the History

Public transport in the state of Maharashtra started during the 1920s, however since there were no proper rules and regulations governing the transport business back then, the Road Transport Act was established during 1950. As per Section 3 of this Act, the organisation of Maharashtra State Road Transport was set up with a formal structure. The first bus was run between the cities Pune and Ahmednagar during the year 1948, under the management of Bombay Road Transport Corporation. This company was then renamed to Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) as per the RTC Act.

Statistics of Buses

There are around 15500 buses that are operated by MSRTC today. Out of these around 14000 buses are of normal types, 651 operate between main cities, 544 are semi-sleeper or semi-comfortable buses, 199 belong to mini-bus type, 48 are deluxe bus type, 26 are air-conditioned  buses and 10 are MIDI types. Today, MSRTC stands proud as the 3rd biggest road transport corporation of India.

Package Tours

MSRTC operates various buses to the important districts of Maharashtra and offers various package tours to these places covering all the major tourist attractions and landmarks of that particular place at affordable rates.

Fare Concessions

The Road Transport of Maharashtra has developed many schemes for the benefit of travellers. Huge discounts are offered on fares for travellers falling under various categories like students, rural locals, senior citizens, freedom fighters, differently abled passengers, tribal people, government media servants, ex legislative members, lepers, awardees of important sports awards and many more.

Ticket Reservation

Maharashtra Road Transport Corporation has an online facility where bookings can be done easily within seconds. Customers can log in with their user id and password and can book their tickets subject to availability. This is a real boon for passengers who do not have to wait in long queues anymore for booking their tickets.

Offices of MSRTC

There are around 6 regional offices, 3 central workshops, 570 Bus stops, 30 administration offices and one number each of a printing press and central education centre. These offices are set up all across the state for the comfort of citizens. This becomes easier for passengers for walking into the nearby office of MSRTC for any query or complaint.

Benefits of the Portal

The official portal of MSRTC is of great help to the citizens of Maharashtra state as they get to know about updates of road transport department in real-time. All the latest news is published on a timely basis over the internet. This is a one-stop solution for citizens to know about the various routes and different places to which these buses are connected.

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