Water Rafting

Jammu & Kashmir is famous for its flourishing green luxurious alpine pastures along with amazing high peaks, attractive rivers, and low gently sloping hills as well as mesmerizing lakes. But there is one more thing for which J&K is quite famous among people especially adventure seekers – the adventure sports. There are many thrilling sports in J&K for which people from around the world visit this paradise on earth. These include skiing, horse riding, trekking, golfing, water rafting and many more.

Water rafting, or simply saying white water rafting is one of the challenging adventurous sports that is widely accredited by adventure seekers. In this sport, the enthusiastic make use of a raft (inflatable) for enjoying the adventure of navigating through a river (or any other kind of water body). This is undoubtedly a dangerous sport that is mostly popular among youngsters.

Since Jammu & Kashmir is a land to several rivers, so this sport is quite popular there, especially among tourists. The two most popular ones are Zanskar River as well as River Indus. This sport is also available in Lidder River. All these rivers are well known for running through some of the most enthralling and exciting landscapes (some are even unreachable) that leaves the rafter bewitched with its incredibleness. Well there are also some other options to do water rafting in Jammu & Kashmir which includes Beas, Teesta, Chenab, Spiti, Sutlej as well as Kali Ganga. But these are least used so the major one remains Zanskar, Indus as well as Lidder river.

The water rafting can be a bit dangerous if not done under the supervision of an expert & experienced guide. Life jackets, rescue bags and helmets are always preferred to carry in order to avoid any mishap. Moreover it is also good to have some prior training or have some instructions from the expert guide before entering the river.

Water Rafting Cautions

This sport can be quite dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. So a guide and trainer should always be there. It is always preferable to go for this sport under the supervision of an expert trainer. Moreover people having some sort of phobia from water or people with diabetes, asthma or any other problems which are related to respiration system of body are prohibited to take part in this activity since that it can become hazardous for them.

Best Time for Water Rafting

The best time for water rafting in Jammu and Kashmir is during summers when the temperature is in between 25 to 30 degrees. In rains the rivers are over flooded which becomes very risky to enter these. In winters, most of the rivers get frozen with snow and hence the sport can’t be enjoyed in such conditions. So the best time is in summers and late spring when rains are not there.

Major Sites for Water Rafting


Ladakh is beautiful place in the Kashmir valley. This place offers two rivers to tourists where water rafting can be enjoyed. First is Zanskar River while second one is Indus River. Both of these rivers provide the rafter with appointment with thrashing & roaring beast, the adventure that will be unforgettable for lifetime. Zanskar River is quite a rough as well as tough river. It has been graded as of Class IV so this river is only for extreme adventure hunters. Due to this fact Zanskar River is majorly opted only by professionals and those who want some extra thrill.


In Pahalgam, the River Lidder is the option rafters chose. This river is not dangerous as Zanskar River since this one is having slopes that are not steep. That is why first timers as well as novices always opt for this water rafting option to be on a safer side.

Water Rafting Conditions

The condition for water rafting is not favorable in rainy season because the rivers get over flooded with water and it can become extremely risky to go down the river during rainy season. Moreover the health conditions are to be taken into consideration before enjoying this sport.

Required Equipments

There are many types of equipment required along with a rafting boat during the water rafting adventure. First & foremost is a life jacket and helmets. These two are a must considering safety of rafter from any sort of mishap. Other important things include wet suits, carbon paddles, dry bags, dry suits, expedition tents and last but actually the most important the rescue throw bags.

Safety is the core element to avoid any kind of mishap while enjoying this adventurous sport. Once you are wearing the right safety gear, you can completely enjoy the sport.

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Water Rafting
Water Rafting
Water Rafting
Water Rafting
Water Rafting
Water Rafting

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