Golfing in Jammu and Kashmir is a famous adventure sports for sports enthusiasts. This is one of the most suave & an elegant sport that does not require much of physical power but requires co-ordination, timing and precision. J&K offers an excellent opening for all the people to play golf in this paradise. The golf is played all through the summer which is from, on an average, April – November. The invigorating surroundings along with whispering cool wind, enormously beautiful trees of stately pine and chinar along with natural scenic beauty, all these together mesmerizes the player and enhances & doubles the enjoyment of playing golf in the heaven.

Jammu & Kashmir has three exquisitely renowned golf courses which are at Gulmarg as well as Srinagar. One is in Gulmarg while two are there in Srinagar. All these are 18 holes with 72 Par golf courses and some of them have been a host to many international golf tournaments. Tourists from not only India, but also from abroad, love to play this elegant game over here with full passion.

The verdant & lush green golf courses of Gulmarg and Srinagar offers a relaxing & enjoyable game time to players due to the suitable & comfortable weather conditions when compared to the same for plain areas. The maximum temperature here in summers hardly reaches 35°C, so it becomes quite comfortable and pleasurable to play golf, especially when the view here is incredibly breathtaking.

Golfing Cautions

Golf is not a game that involves immense power or physical activity but still there are certain cautions that need to be followed. First of all the inner guards are necessary to be worn. Moreover the shoes should only be professional sports shoes which can help & safe the golfer from slipping on the ground. A medical kit should always be there in case of emergency.

Best Time for Golfing

The best time for golfing in Jammu and Kashmir is during summers, i.e. from April to November, when the ice is hard and intact. These two golf courses are open throughout the summers while closed in winters. In rainy season people avoid playing golf here since the ground becomes quite muddy and weather is humid. Moreover slipping factor is there on the ground during rainy season. That is why only summer season is the main time for golfing in Jammu & Kashmir.

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In Gulmarg, golf is an essential part of enjoying time. This is one of the most important & favorite sport in Gulmarg. This golf course is at a height of almost 2650 m from the mean sea level and is the highest golf course in the world. The Gulmarg Golf Club was built in the year 1911. This was initiated by a British person who made use of this place as a vacation resort. Since then, from last 100 years, this place has become a hot area to play golf for both professionals as well as amateurs.


Srinagar has a history of golf for more than 100 years. People from around the world visit Srinagar for its exotic beauty and scenic view and also due to its world renowned golf courses. There are currently two golf courses in Srinagar which are –

Royal Spring Golf Course

This golf course has been voted down the Best Golf Course India has today. This golf course covers almost 300 acres of land and is quite close to Cheshma Shahi. This golf course is widely accredited for its beautiful scenic view. This golf course’s design as well as lay out has been finalized by Robert Trent Jones Jr. II, a world accredited Golf architect who has got the experience of designing almost 500 golf courses around the world. This golf course has been a host to several global golf tournaments.

Kashmir Golf Course

This golf course is one of the most luxuriously equipped golf courses in India. Due to this incredible attribute, this golf course makes down the golf experiences a memorable one for all the players. The area covered by this course of almost of 52 km and is quite close to city’s chief avenue.

Golf Playing Conditions

During the rainy season as well as in winters (when snowfall is there) it is better to avoid playing Golf as the weather conditions are not suitable. Moreover a person should be quite fit since staying on an open ground for all day could be cumbersome for few.

Required Equipments

Everyone should have his own golf kit. This kit will incorporates balls, ball markers, a golf club, golf cart, clubs, gloves, towels, ball mark repair tool, club head covers and some medical kit for emergency medical assistance. This golf kit is usually referred to as golf bag.

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