Horse Riding

Kashmir is well-known for its lush green alpine pastures, high peaks, low gently sloping hills, and attractive rivers and lakes. Jammu and Kashmir is really blessed with breath taking nature. With a lot of geographical variety, Kashmir is a heaven for adventure lovers. From hiking, snow skiing, trekking to horse riding one can experience the whole lot of this mountainous terrain of India. Gulmarg, Ladakh, Sonmarg, Pahalgam etc. are a few ideal places for the adventure sports. Moreover, visiting a variety of places, one can also involve in various activities of adventure such as hiking, skiing, camping, horse riding etc. As in Kashmir, horse riding is something, which anyone will enjoy in detail during exploration of this thrilling land.

The Kashmir is paradise for horse riders. The Horses also are used to take trekkers and equipments of trekking to the high grounds of the State. Pahalgam & Gulmarg predominantly offers excellent horse rides. The Yousmarg also have beautiful riding tracks & opportunities although in nomadic manner. With gently sloping hills and relaxing lush greenery all in the region, viewing Kashmir from the back of a horse is something one would memorize for life. The resorts and hotels provide facilities for horse riding on request.

Horse riding is an amazing adventure also in Zanskar, Ladakh Himalayas. There are quiet horses available for each rider and expert guides to guide. Maximum weight of a rider kept is 80 to 90 kgs. Children can also have fun of all the adventures. A riding horse leads through the striking lush green fields and enchanting flowers while enhancing the Holiday Experience. Changthang terrain is a more amazing as well as more pleasurable experience for horse riders.

The snow capped mountains offers a warm welcome and cheerful wish to the visitors of Zanskar. Traditional Nomads till now make use of yak tents and woolen clothes for staying in the summer and the winter for their living. It offers an exceptional view to observe. The time for horse riding can be in the dawn or in the day from 7 AM until 5 PM depending on request and the weather conditions as in Ladakh most of the time weather is sunny and the sky is blue.

Horse Riding Cautions

The safest way to do horse riding is by the help of an experienced trainer on a calm horse. A trainer can train you with the safe riding tips like turning and stopping, and how to give indications for transitions in between the walk. One should select a suitable horse for riding ability level. Wearing a riding helmet which is ASTM approved is better. Wearing strong boots with negligible sole and 1 inch heel is suggested. On the other hand, use of safety  irons is suggested. Riding always in full control is good. Riding out always with a buddy is suggested. As an additional precaution carrying a mobile is a good idea. When riding in a group, ride at the speed of the less experienced rider.

Best Time for Horse Riding

The best time for horse riding in Jammu and Kashmir is during summers when the temperature is in between 25 to 30 degrees.

Major Sites for Horse Riding


The high peaks and serene beauty of Gulmarg makes it an amazing place. Its weather conditions in summer are just right for enjoying horse riding. Many tourists enjoy adventures such as horse riding in Gulmarg.


Sonmarg is a spectacular place of beauty. It is in the Kashmir valley. Sonmarg is an ideal place for the beginners of the horse riders. In morning or afternoon one can enjoy a 3 miles horse ride west and then south to the Thajiwas glacier.

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar valley is a beautiful valley in Ladakh with lush green fields and enchanting flowers. Horse riding is an amazing adventure sport in Zanskar valley. Horse riding can be enjoyed from dawn to day as the weather condition of the valley is sunny in summers and the sky is blue.


Ladakh is beautiful place in the Kashmir valley. The breath taking views and amazing weather conditions here are just perfect for adventure sports such as horse riding. Ladakh offers thrilling horse safari facilities to the tourists.

Horse Riding Conditions

The condition for horse riding is not favorable in rainy season as the weather conditions are wet and muddy. Rest of the seasons is enjoyable for horse riding specially the summer season.

Required Equipments

During horse riding a helmet is required for safety purpose. One should wear a strong boot with 1 inch heel. A saddle pad or blanket is also needed. A bridle is needed to control the horse’s speed and directions.

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Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding

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