Skiing in the Himalayan Mountains is the dream of every adventure sport enthusiast. In fact Jammu and Kashmir is famous for providing its tourists with the opportunity of snow skiing in the Himalayas. Gulmarg is by far the best place to ski in Jammu and Kashmir. It has its own skiing resort which was first established in the year 1927. It was established by two British Army officers called Major Hadow and Major Metcarp.

For all adventure junkies out there, Jammu and Kashmir offers you a snow filled exhilarating skiing journey that you will remember all your life. Gulmarg is situated in the Kashmir valley and is located 50 kilometers from Srinagar, the state capital. It is said to be skiing paradise of India. Gulmarg is famous for its flower gardens and beautiful meadows but for adventure enthusiasts the highlight of Gulmarg is ski resorts. It attracts skiers from all over the world. Its huge popularity is mainly because it is one of the very few Himalayan ski points in the world. It also offers a very spectacular view of Karakoram, the second highest peak in the world.

Skiing in Gulmarg was popular in India even before independence. During that time they hosted two major skiing events, one during Easter and the other during Christmas. In the year 1938-39 it is believed that more than 500 skiers participated in the two skiing events in Gulmarg. It still gives you a feeling of European Skiing from the 1940’s and 50’s. This place has sufficient snow for skiing but it also gets it fair share of sunshine.

Gulmarg is also said to be the highest lift served resort in the entire world. The best part about skiing in Gulmarg is that it is suitable for beginners as well as experts. If you are interested in learning you can do so at the snowy golf course on two Poma ski lifts. There are all kinds of slopes in Gulmarg which suit the level of all kinds of skiers. You will find kids skiing on the smooth bends while you will also find experienced skiers trying out the steep and rough ends. In 1998 Gulmarg was the destination of the very first Winter Games.

If you are thinking about skiing equipment, then don’t worry, you can hire first rate French and Austrian skiing equipments at stores in Gulmarg. The most prominent skiing school in Gulmarg is “Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering”. They offer a 10 day course and a 21 day course for both advanced skiers and beginners. The best time to visit Gulmarg for skiing is from mid December to mid April. The powerful German Snow Cleaners are responsible for keeping the roads to Gulmarg open during winters. Several cross country runs are organized here to entertain and occupy the enthusiastic skiers. One can also visit the temple of Baba Reshi which can only be reached through a powder chute. The new adventure sport activity added to this place is “Hail Skiing”. The majestic view of Gulmarg is even more exquisite when seen from a helicopter.

Gulmarg is by far the best place in all of Jammu and Kashmir if you are interested in playing with snow and having a great time with your friends and family. Whether you are a domestic tourist or international tourist, skating and skiing are the two major adventure sports in this region.

Apart from Gulmarg, another place in Jammu and Kashmir which is famous for skiing is Pahalgam. The tourists have a great time here and can enjoy the snow and the sun to their heart’s content. To attract more tourists the option of hail skiing will soon be introduced in Pahalgam too.

Jammu and Kashmir holds some of the most beautiful snow capped mountains in India due to which they provide the perfect opportunity of skating and skiing. This is what attract majority of tourists. You can plan a long trip to the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir and learn to ski. For every adventure sports enthusiast out there, skiing in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most thrilling and exciting adventure sports activities ever.

The Himalayan Mountains are the best place to ski and it is ever skiers dream to ski at least once in the most popular mountain range in the world.

Hail Skiing

Hail Skiing is a rising star in adventure sports in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the icing on the top of the cake for all ski enthusiasts. During the winters the possibilities of finding a new track for hail skiing is very promising in this region.

Gulmarg, the city of flowery meadows, allows many other forms of skiing. The most popular among them is hail skiing. In fact Gulmarg resort is the only place in all of Asia which provides the opportunity of hail skiing. Hail skiing involves dropping the skier from the top of a hill which causes increase in skiing speed. The speed due to the drop is much greater than normal skiing. It is “THE” adventure sport in Gulmarg because it is much more exciting and adrenaline pumping than normal skiing. But the prospective danger of this sport is quite high too. A beginner in skiing shouldn’t try this as it requires experience and agility.

Gulmarg, in fact the whole Kashmir Valley is an extremely cold place. That is why you should dress yourself in thick woolen clothes made of waterproof materials. The most appropriate time to visit Jammu and Kashmir from skiing is from December to March. The number of tourists especially increases during Easter and Christmas. This place has many regulars when it comes to skiing. After your stay and skiing experience in Gulmarg you will realize that the snow, sun, flowers, hospitality and adventure sports have touched you so much and given you so much to remember that you want to come to this place at least once a year.

Skiing Cautions

Skiing is not a child’s play and its techniques are quite difficult. If you know nothing about skiing then there are schools that would teach you everything. They start from the very basics like bending, turning and stopping. They also teach experts moves like carving and mogul to more experienced skiers. As a skier it is your responsibility to understand your limit and know when to stop. If you are not that great at skiing then stick to the basic moves and smooth slopes, trying something dangerous especially if you are not experienced can prove to be dangerous for you. The major issue of collisions and crashes is due to technical difficulty of moves and speed. If you are so keen to learn skiing then you can join one of the Ski institutes. They offer courses during the months of January to February.

Best Time for Skiing

Winter season is the best time for skiing when the ice is intact and sufficiently hard. The months from December to March are the most appropriate time to visit.

Major Sites for Skiing


Gulmarg is by far the best place for people who are just starting out in skiing. This is because some of the slopes are not so steep and deep and can be easily enjoyed by beginners. The Gulmarg Ski Resort was first established in the year 1927 by two British Officers. Gulmarg Resort is the best in the entire state and in the country. Skiing Races are especially organized for special occasions like Easter and Christmas. The Ski Lift is responsible for helping people reach the top. Gandola Cable Car provides the longest ski run and is situated in the beautiful city of Gulmarg. This ski run provides a very long run of 2,213 meters.


In the months of January and February various ski courses are organized in Patnitop. For tourism purpose some introductory courses are also available during the busy winter season. The skiing site at Patnitop serves the purpose of both advanced skiers and beginners.

Madha Top

Madha Top is another skiing site which is located 5 kilometers away from Patnitop. It also has slopes for all kinds of ski enthusiasts. There are several plans under construction to make this place appropriate for professional level skiers.

Snow Condition

The snow fall time in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is from November to May. During March you will find some deep powdery snow. In April when spring arrives you find the very unique and one of a kind type of Himalayan Spring Snow. Some powder snow is also found depending on the slope and the altitude of the region. The diversity in terms of slopes is great in the Himalayan Range making sure that it satisfies the taste of all types of skiers.

Required Equipments

Ski boots are must if you are thinking about skiing. If you don’t want to buy a pair of ski shoes just for a vacation then you can always rent volant ski shoes along with poles at stores in Jammu and Kashmir. The Volant ski shoes are perfect for skiing on powdery snow. You can mention your shoe size in the registration form if you want them to provide you with ski shoes. Generally the institutes which teach skiing also have all the skiing equipment and rent it to members at a reasonable price.

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