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Jammu & Kashmir state of India, which is also known as paradise on earth, is one of the most picturesque tourist destination in the entire country. This beautiful state is located on the northern most part of India and is nestled in the midst of foothills of the gigantic and magnificently snow-capped Himalayas. The state of Jammu & Kashmir is dotted with astonishing mountain peaks, tall pine trees, verdant meadows, lush green forests, beautiful lakes and rivers, splendid monasteries and massive glaciers making it a must see place, entirely different and incredibly beautiful. Known for its amazing beauty, hospitable people, exquisite monuments, rich wildlife and scenic splendour. Jammu & Kashmir makes an awe inspiring all time holiday destination where one would never get tired of admiring the natural beauty.

Most of the people when think of Jammu & Kashmir the instant site that strikes the mind of many is of people skiing on snow covered gigantic mountains, beautiful lakes and houseboats, but there is a lot more to this beautiful Indian state than just indulging into adventurous activities or lazing on the board of a house boat.

Cradled beautifully in Himalayas under the stunning blue shining sky, Jammu & Kashmir is an enticing destination which must be explored through city walks in order to have a relaxing and peaceful holidays. There are several cities in the state which make city walk a perfect activity and memorable experience that one may never forget.

City Walk Cautions

Although walking is a regular activity which we do several times a day but walking in a hilly or mountainous place can be little difficult if not accompanied by the right walking gear. Thus, you need to ensure that you are wearing closed footwear meant for walking and are wearing appropriate & comfortable clothes. While walking, never estimate your stamina and walking ability in order to compete with others in the crew. As you are walking to enjoy the landscape and trails of nature, you must only focus on sightseeing and your comfort. One thing about city walks of Jammu & Kashmir is that the more you see, the more incredible it appears. So, one must walk as per his / her ability to enjoy the breathtaking views of the place.

Best Time for City Walks

The climate in Jammu & Kashmir is very pleasant during the summers while can be extremely cold in winters. However, the scenic beauty during winters can surpass the summers view. So, except the monsoon, the summers & winters are perfect for city walks. One must avoid going to Jammu & Kashmir in the months of July till August, while rest of the year is the perfect time to explore the panoramic views.

Cities of Jammu & Kashmir for City Walks

The cities of Jammu & Kashmir exhibit the cultural specialities of the individual regions, the intricate weaving art, natural beauty and rich culture. The significance of referring this state as "Heaven on Earth" cannot be known unless one visits it firsthand. A tour to this state of India is incomplete without the city walks that makes the tourists well-acquainted with the splendour of the place. Following are some major cities that offer unbelievable city walks experience:


It is a small valley town located in Doda district and is predominantly  a hilly and mountainous torrid town. As soon as the snow melts in April, greenery gets sprouted all over making it an amazing place to see. This place is very pleasant in summer with average temperature of 25 degree Celsius. It is also known as "Chhota-Kashmir" due to its bewitching and enthralling beauty.


It is a prime location of the state located around 50 km from Srinagar and is situated exquisitely in the Pir Panjal range's basin surrounded by lush green Pine. The opulence of flora in this lovely blooming place displays several colours in different seasons.  Being one of the major ski-resort and by hosting the highest green gold course of the world, it makes an amazing destination for city walks.


The winter capital of the state, Jammu is 2nd largest city in Jammu & Kashmir. It is popularly known as the city of temples and is a significant trade centre of the state. There are several monuments and monasteries which make Jammu a must visit destination.


It is a small town near Gulmarg and is easily accessible by foot. In fact, the way from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg makes a beautiful walking trek. The view of snow capped peaks and limpid waters of astounding Wular lake is highly breathtaking and unparallel. From here one can also walk to Alpather lake, which is a quaint destination which remains frozen till May.


Perched at the junction of Lidder river and Sheshnag lake once used to be a humble village of shepherds. It is bountiful tourist destination with several places to attract tourists that can be best explored through walking.


Situated approx 32 km from Jammu, it is an amazingly beautiful place and is associated with many historical legends. Here Chenab river enters the plain and is related with Soni-Mahiwal and Jehangir. This town also possesses the ruins from the Indus Valley civilization.

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City Walks
City Walks
City Walks
City Walks
City Walks
City Walks

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