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Gulmarg Trekking

Trekking is one of the most famous and widely accredited adventurous sports carried out on the Heaven on Earth – Jammu & Kashmir Valley. Since this entire area is broadly surrounded by incredibly beautiful Himalayan range, so Gulmarg magnificently makes an outstanding base for tourists for trekking purpose.

Gulmarg usually looks like one of the fantasy movie sets and it surely has been the venue set for majority of bollywood movies due to its incredible beauty. With its remarkable scenic beauty, Gulmarg has been a hot tourist attraction for not only tourists from India but also a core attraction for tourists around the world. The valley of Gulmarg has the picturesque artistic view with big meadows that are about 3 square km in terms of area and it stands at almost 2730 m from mean sea level. The city is at a distance of 56 km from Srinagar, another hot tourist attraction. Due to the beauty of nature in Gulmarg, this wonderful city is also referred to as “Meadows of Flowers” worldwide.

Gulmarg is a Heaven for adventure lovers due to the wide trekking options here. There are various places in Gulmarg to do trekking and people usually make a tour to Gulmarg to enjoy all of these.

Trekking In Gulmarg

The Gulmarg trekking can be done in 4 days with base at Gulmarg only and enjoying the trekking on day basis.

Day 1 – To Pir Panjal Range

This is the hot spot for tourist who wants to have adventure during their visit to Gulmarg. This is the ideal place for trekking. Also referred to as Naga Parbat in Hindi, this range is artistically mesmerizing. On day one, after reaching the Gulmarg at your stay arrangement, you can go out for this range on foot. When you will be approaching near the range, it will seem like rounded to you but as you will move ahead the view keeps on changing. It is a mixed artistic combination of picturesque slopes with natural view being dominated by forests. Moreover the steepness of all of these peeks is quite same as of Himalayan range.

Day 2 - Khilanmarg

Day two can be used for Khilanmarg, a small valley which is just at a mere distance of 6 km from Gulmarg on foot. This place is accredited for the carpet of flowers it has during spring and for ski runs during winters. Moreover the incredible view of peaks of the Kashmir valley will bewitch the spectator. This place is best to be visited either in full spring or during full winter. The centre of this valley provides a charming view of peaks of Kun & Nun to its south-west along with a breathtaking view of Nanga Parbat.

Day 3 - Alpather Lake

This is the major tourist attraction for people coming to Gulmarg. This lake is remarkably beautiful and it can be enjoyed on day three of trekking. This lake is at a mere distance of 13 km on foot from Gulmarg. This lake is situated at the foot of Apharwat peaks. It is of no use if visited until mid June since it is totally frozen at that time but later the year it gets fully flown with water and provides the spectator one of the most mesmerizing view one can ever enjoy. The lake area also provides trekkers with horse riding options. There is also option of climbing to slope of ridge of boulder strewn that can be chosen by trekkers who want to have extra adventure.

Day 4 – The Ningli Nallah

The day 4 can be reserved for Ningli Nallah, a beautiful mountain stream which is just at a distance of 8km from the valley of Gulmarg. This stream mesmerizingly continues down to the Jhelum River and merges there. This valley is quite big as well as grassy and thus serves as one of the hot favorite picnic spot. There is also a bridge there joining Nallah with Ningli. It is a perfect place for camping too.

After enjoying it, one can move back to Gulmarg in the evening and hence the trekking finishes here.

Essentials to be Carried Along

Sun blocks, heavy woolens, good moisturizer, gloves, balms, rain gear, monkey cap, water proof shoes, dry fruits, walking stick , some sour & sweet eatable, torch along with a personal First Aid kit


The temperature in the valley of Gulmarg stays below zero degree for most of the times around the year so keep warm clothes and accessories with you. This trekking should be avoided during early spring since rains are there at time and the snow is also melting and hence it gets totally muddy around the area which is not favorable for the trekking purpose.

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Gulmarg Trekking
Gulmarg Trekking
Gulmarg Trekking
Gulmarg Trekking
Gulmarg Trekking
Gulmarg Trekking

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