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Sonamarg Trekking

In Jammu and Kashmir, Trekking is the most favorite, well known and commonly recognized adventure sports. As this whole area is widely surrounded by snow capped beautiful Himalayan range, so Sonamarg superbly makes an exceptional base for the tourists for trekking.

Sonamarg, is an alluring city referred to as the ‘Meadows of gold'. It has picturesque sceneries, snowy incredible mountains against a blue cloudy sky. Sonamarg is at an elevation of nearly 3,000 meters above sea level. This city is at a distance of 87 kms from Srinagar. The drive to Sonamarg is an exceptional experience and spectacular view of the country side is just incredible. With its outstanding charming beauty Sonamarg has been a famous tourist destination not only for the tourist from India but also tourist across the globe. Ponies can be taken on rent for the trip to Thajiwas glacier, a foremost attraction in the months of summer.

Sonamarg has a wide range of trekking options which makes this place a paradise for the adventure sport lovers. There are several places in Sonamarg for trekking purpose and various trips are available for the tourist and trekking lovers in this city.

Trekking in Sonamarg

The Sonamarg trekking can be done in four days with the base camp in Sonamarg only. This trekking can be enjoyed in day time.

Day 1- To Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas glacier is the heart of Sonamarg trekking. It is a famous tourist spot during the summer months for the adventure lovers in their visit to the Sonamarg. On the day one after reaching Sonamarg, at the place of the staying arrangements, one can go out for this glacier trekking on foot. The Thajiwas glacier is only 8 kms away from Sonamarg. On approaching near the glacier, the view is exceptionally breath taking as the glacier just looks awesome during the day time. The two hours walking across the Thajiwas glacier is a memorable experience and a little thrilling. One should be very careful while waling across the glacier as it is slippery. From the glacier’s slope the view of the valley and the nearby mountains are just mind blowing.

Day 2- To Nichnai-Vishnasar-Krishnasar

On the day two starting early in the morning, firstly, the Nichnai pass will be reached. This pass is at an elevation of 13579 ft from the sea level. Nichnai pass is an ideal base for trekking and the gorgeous view of Vishansar Lake from the pass is just incredible. The Nichnai pass is like a broad tunnel. This pass lies to the right side of the two snow capped peaks. Descending towards the Vishansar Lake and Krishnasar Lake & pass, it takes only 5 to 6 hours on foot.

Walking across the stunning natural meadows with a variety of wild flowers and crossing a limpid stream flowing through the valley, this trekking is an everlasting experience. The origin of this stream is the Vishansar Lake. The reflection of the Krishnasar pass can be seen from the Vishansar Lake. The reflections are very beautiful when the Lake remains still. Trout fishing is famous in this Lake. The 2nd lake in the way is the Krishnasar Lake. The Krishnasar Lake is just nearly ½ km away and at an elevation of 500ft than Vishansar. The Krishnasar Lake is at the foot of the Krishnasar peak. Only 45 minutes is needed to reach the Krishnasar Lake. From the height, the view of the Lakes and the meadows are very beautiful.

Day 3- Gadsar - Gangabal Lake

On the third day, one can approach towards the Gadsar and Gangabal Lakes. These two lakes are at a distance of 19 kms from each other. Gadsar is one of the most beautiful and unchanged lakes. It is also called as the lake of flowers. Gadsar is at the foot of snow capped cliffs. Gadsar Lake is connected to a stream as water flows to the Lake from a higher Lake. Gadsar Lake is situated at an elevation of 5000m from sea level and is the high altitude Lakes in the terrain. After crossing Gadsar, comes the beautiful Gangabal Lake. It is the biggest Lake among all in the trek route. One can enjoy tout fishing at the Gangabal Lake. The view of the Gangabal Lake and its surroundings are extremely incredible.

Day 4- Poshpatri

On the fourth day one can approach towards Poshpatri. The Poshpatri is also known as the flower’s valley because the pass is full with colorful flowers from the crest of the peak to the foothills. Poshpatri is the site which is nearly 1.6 kms from the Mahagunas top at an elevation of 14000 ft from sea level. The view of Poshpatri pass, mountains & its surroundings are simply breath taking.

Essentials to be Carried Along

Sun screens, sleeping bags, woolen clothes, rain gear, balms, gloves, monkey cap, any good moisturizer, water proof trekking shoes, walking stick, dry fruits, some sweet & sour eatables, torch along with a personal First Aid kit.


The climatic condition of Sonamarg is extremely refreshing but rainfall is common although not heavy, except for 2 to 3 days at the time of July and August. The temperature of the valley is moderate in summers but extremely cold during winters. Trekking should be avoided during the rainy season and in extremely cold seasons.

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Sonamarg Trekking
Sonamarg Trekking
Sonamarg Trekking
Sonamarg Trekking
Sonamarg Trekking
Sonamarg Trekking

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