Shikara Boatride

Kashmir gives a magnificent Shikara boat ride at the Dal Lake and the Nagin Lake. One can take pleasure in a smooth fun ride over these lakes. The enthralling view of the Zabarwan Hills against the crunchy sounds of paddle movements is certainly a wonderful experience to feel in the Lakes of Srinagar. The Shikara Boats proffer an exciting and musical ride through the beautiful waves of the Nagin Lake and Dal Lake in Kashmir, hence making Shikara boat ride an incredible and most memorable experience.

One can also involve in Shopping for colorful and enchanting flowers from the flower shops that travels on their Shikara boats. This makes voyages more pleasant and quixotic for honeymoon couples especially.

A shikara ride is certainly considered as the most soothing and comforting experience in a honeymoon or holiday in Kashmir. The Shikaras are long, slim boats that look a lot like a Gondola type of rowing boat. They have a parasol covering under which the seats are fixed for sitting, relaxing, and watching the scenery of the lakes in the valley of Kashmir and its environment.

Mostly crowded, the wonderful Shikara boat rides in the Kashmir valley are also used for transportation from land to the houseboats and vice versa. It is an amazing experience to take the fun ride in a Shikara around the Kashmir’s lakes. One can also access different tourist spots such as the Nishat Garden, Hazratbal mosque and the Shalimar Garden by the Shikara because the Dal Lake is pretty central to these famous places in Srinagar.

The Shikara boat ride also proffers ample chance for you to take pleasure in the glimpses of the well-off population of species of birds in Kashmir. One can spot big eye-catching birds with tough bills situated at the top of the willow branches of the tree and stunning Kingfishers as well. This man-made island surrounded by the lakes consists of the aquatic vegetation, reeds and willow rods which are held together along with humus that includes mud taken from the underneath of the lake.

Looking at the view on a Shikara boat in the Nagin Lake and Dal Lake ends to a quixotic trip. The feeling of happiness and joy is unexplainable and the experience is definitely memorable. The embankments of the Nagin Lake and Dal Lake with the Boulevard road within Srinagar, Kashmir shows numerous Ghats of Shikara Boat where the boats are obtainable for hire. These are main three Ghats of Shikara boat, as the Nagin Lake, Dal Lake and the Hazratbal.

Shikara Boatride Cautions

Always notice the darkening of clouds, sudden drop in temperature, volatile and rough changing winds before going for Shikara boat riding. Always check for a swimming expert before the Shikara boatride.

Best Time for Shikara Boatride

The best time for a Shikara boatride is in the months from March to October that is more than half of the whole year.

Major Sites for Shikara Boatride

Anchar Lake

In Anchar Lake one can enjoy a Shikara ride of Mughal style. This Shikara ride takes the tourist through the lovely views of the landscape. In addition, one can also enjoy a glimpse of various kinds of birds in this heaven which are on their edge of loss.

Dal Lake

The Kashmir Valley is famous for its picturesque views and the Dal Lake. One of the well known lakes in India and maintaining the second position in Jammu & Kashmir, Dal Lake is surrounded by snow-capped ranges of mountains, gardens and orchards from the three sides. The Shikara ride in Dal Lake is considered to be the finest experience in the valley of Kashmir. The campus of the University of Kashmir is situated alongside the shores of Dal Lake.

Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake, though most of the time it is seen as a separate lake, but is actually a part of the Dal Lake. This lake is surrounded by the hill of Shankaracharya on the southern direction and the Hari Parbat on the western direction and is perched at the bottom of Zabarwan hills. Poplar and Willow trees flank the boundaries of this lake. The caseway takes the water delivering pipeline to the city of Srinagar city in the east.

Shikara Boatriding Conditions

During winter the time is not suitable for Shikara boatride because the entire place is covered with snow and many times the Lake also becomes frozen. The best time for a Shikara boat ride is in the months from March to October. In this time, the days are cool, pleasant and sunny, with just the right temperature. Therefore, the Shikara boatride in the lakes will be ideal.

Required Equipments

One should take a life jacket with him before a Shikara Boat ride, though it is optional.

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Shikara Boatride
Shikara Boatride
Shikara Boatride
Shikara Boatride
Shikara Boatride
Shikara Boatride

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