Jammu & Kashmir is the center of a variety of outside activities. Positioned on the northern part of India, this state is perched on the foothills of the Himalayas. The smugly standing Himalayan ranges, the green valleys and the frisky cascading waterfalls make it an ideal holiday destination. The environment with all her exquisiteness creates magical charm among the visitors. After having awashed in their portion of the prettiness of nature, the tourists can very easily involve themselves in a variety of outdoor activities such as water sports, trekking and fishing or angling.

Angling is a technique of fishing with the help of an angle (fish hook). The hook is generally connected with a fishing line and the line is connected with a fishing rod. The Fishing rod is generally fitted to a fishing reel which works as a method for storing, paying out and retrieving the line. Hook itself can be claded with lures. A bite indicator like a float is occasionally used.

Angling is the chief technique of sport fishing. However, commercial fisheries too use angling techniques like long lining or trolling. Catch & release fishing is more and more practiced by amateur fishermen. In many places of the world, the factor of size limits is applicable to some species which means fish below or above a particular size have to be released by law.

Angling or fishing in Jammu & Kashmir is a favorite sports amongst the tourists. The streams and the hilly rivulets are the stockpiles of a great range of fishes, which never makes the anglers disheartened. Angling in the mountainous rivers is all the time an unusual experience. Spending time and soothing in the sun of Jammu & Kashmir make this sport more thrilling.

Angling in hilly region is always a topic of excitement and an everlasting experience. The administration has taken many steps to make sure that an angler can’t catch more than 6 fishes, after catching the fishes, they will have to let go the fishes back into the water, so that the environmental balance is preserved. Before involving into Angling, tourists have to take the consent of the Directorate of the Fisheries, Srinagar. If the tourists are not prepared with their equipments for Angling then the nearby shops are the most excellent places for buying or hiring fishing rods.

Angling in the renowned Dal Lake is an experience to be certainly had. Tourists can also witness angling in Jammu & Kashmir from the beautiful houseboats & Shikaras and can see and enjoy the process of catching the fishes in the conventional Kashmiri ways. With the coming of spring & summer, angling always becomes a huge business in Jammu & Kashmir.

Angling Cautions

The person engaged in Angling has to handle his fishing tackle responsibly. The person should be sure before casting that his hook should not catch a power line, a tree or any other person. If the hook is deep inside the fish’s mouth then don’t put your hand inside. Always carry a first aid kit during Angling.

Best Time for Angling

The best time for Angling or fishing in Jammu & Kashmir is from the month of April to October. As in between these months the snow starts melting in various lakes and rivers.

Major Sites for Angling

Anchar Lake

In Anchar Lake one can enjoy a Shikara ride of Mughal style. The tourists can also view and take part in Angling in this Anchar Lake. The Shikara ride along with Angling takes the tourist through the lovely views of the landscape.

Dal Lake

The Kashmir Valley is famous for its picturesque views and the Dal Lake. One of the well known lakes in India, Dal Lake is surrounded by snow-capped ranges of mountains, gardens and orchards from the three sides. The Shikara ride in Dal Lake is considered to be the finest experience in the valley of Kashmir. This Dal Lake is a perfect place for Angling by the tourists and also the local people. People can also simply enjoy the technique of angling by the Kashmiri people in Dal Lake.

Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake, though most of the time called as a separate lake, but actually it is a part of the Dal Lake. This lake is surrounded by the hill of Shankaracharya on the southern direction and the Hari Parbat on the western direction and is perched at the bottom of Zabarwan hills. This place is also a favorite place for the tourists for Angling.

Angling Condition

The Angling season in Jammu & Kashmir is from April to October. The large rivers like Sindh or Liddar remains covered with snow during winters. During summers fro April to October the snow starts melting. So, the conditions are very suitable for Angling in this period of time.

Required Equipments

A long 2 or 3 meters fishing rod, a fishing hook, a fishing reel, some baits or lures for catching fishes are the essential equipments.

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