Mountain Cycling

Mountain Cycling is an adventurous and exciting activity of riding the cycle on the rough land or rocky treks by using mountain cycles. Mountain cycling in Jammu and Kashmir has always been a delight for an adventure and sport loving person. Climbing a mountain on your foot is not as adventurous as climbing it through cycle. It is most thrilling and interesting sports, where bikers or cyclist has to reach their destination on wheels only. If you are wishing for the pleasure and thrill in meticulous climbs then Jammu and Kashmir is one of the best destinations in the Indian Himalayan Ranges and no else can beat it.

Jammu and Kashmir offers the huge selection for mountain cycling destinations which are short and long distance trails you can choose from as it is linked with surrounding with melted roads. These roads offer the great experience for excellent cycling terrain. Whether you want riding on a hard surface or smooth one, the beautiful valley offers you an exquisite and successful drive on the grand Himalayas with the perfect ambience of pure energy.

Mountain cycling in Jammu and Kashmir provides enormous thrill and challenge for people who love to do trekking on wheels. Mountain cycling is an outstanding way to see the exotic sights across the valley such as the rural village life of Kashmir and prehistoric routes of Trans-Himalayan Traders. The activity being more adventurous and exciting in a awesome beauty of small villages, water streams, shepherds, lush fields, forests and a small town market. Also one can take pleasure in the rich flora and fauna and eternal culture of its custom. Many tourists come every year to explore the wonderful surprise of nature in the Sindh valley, Lidder Valley, and the monasteries.

Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir offer the huge opportunities for a mountain cyclist with challenging and exigent hilly routes and robust terrains to beat and also keeping in view the requirements of mountain cycling. You can enjoy peddling at your own speed in some of the hidden trails to the seldom visited countryside villages; you will really feel the innocence in the warm smiles of local public who are living a simple life bounded by traditions.

Mountain Cycling Cautions

Mountain cycling requires physical strength, stamina, determination and a mountain cycle to handle the trails to make an efficient ride. Make certain that you have no health issues and your body easily adapt the weather conditions in such places. If you wish to cycle through restricted trails and wants to make your mountain cycling more thrilling and adventurous then you should take permission from the Department of Home Affairs. Most of the tour operators or travel agent provides skilled and experienced guides, support teams, food, energy drinks and also do the comfortable staying arrangements. Keep in mind that warm cloths will be required on high altitude expedition.

Best Time for Mountain Cycling

The best time for cycling in Jammu and Kashmir is in summers specifically June to September.

Major Sites for Mountain Cycling


Sonmarg is one of the most renowned and adventurous destinations. Sonmarg is a peaceful place set amongst the glaciers and azure lakes and perfect place for mountain cycling.


Gulmarg offers the great and thrilling experience for mountain cyclist. Because of Gulmarg's sharp terrain, the place is famous amongst mountain bikers who love challenges. It is the most visited mountain cycling destination and many mountain cyclists visit Gulmarg passes every season.

Kashmir Snow Festival

It is organised for three days and the prime attraction of people and tourists is Snow cycling event. In this event, around 25 participants take part and huge crowd of enthusiastic viewers motivate and cheer them.

Snow Conditions

In Jammu and Kashmir, snow starts in November and ends in May. While your mountain cycling trip to Jammu and Kashmir, you will be riding through a cold dessert terrain so do not forget to take warm cloths as you are going to cover a long distance in cold weather.

Required Equipments

A mountain cycle which has robust structure, light-weighted and stiff is needed so that can efficiently tackle the rocky and steep terrain. Some of the essential accessories are helmet, biking shoes, gloves (waterproof or insulated), cycling bags to carry belongings, warm cloths, water bottles, beverages, first-aid kit, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses. Keep a tool kit including grease tubes for greasing bearings, non-toxic and water-soluble degreaser. Carry a an aero spray for cleaning the cycle. Spare tyres, a pump, batteries, speedometer, map or instruction manuals are requisite.

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Mountain Cycling
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Mountain Cycling

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