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Where To Get Out

Parwanoo - 30 KM

Kasauli, Parwanoo and Morni Hills are the most visited destinations of Chandigarh and are located very close to this city. It takes about an hour to reach your favorite place. If you are fond of trekking or hiking, Barog is the best place to visit. If you want any information on tours and travels of Chandigarh, Indian Holidays is the right resource. You will come across plenty of information to make your trip an everlasting experience for you.

Parwanoo is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Chandigarh which is located close to Shimla. Many tourists from Uttarakhand and Shimla come here to have a great time. This place is also perfect for couples who wish to spend some time with one another and enjoy the natural beauty as well. You can try the famous Timber Trail Resort that forms to be a resting place for people going to Pinjore and Kasauli. You can book the tickets for this resort in advance and enjoy the best facilities that offer a comfortable stay.

Morni Hills - 42 KM

Morni Hills is located at a height of about 3900 feet near the Shivalik Range. The mornings of Morni Hills are very pleasant and you will be carried away with its beauty and natural appeal. If you are fond of trekking, you will surely have a wonderful experience. Even rock climbing is also a great activity to enjoy here. Tourists can explore the finest attractions, temples and villages that are situated near to the hills. Do not forget to explore the Mansa Devi temple as well as the Gurudwara of Nada Sahib. These two places are very popular and you should not miss them when you come to Morni Hills.

Kasauli - 50 KM

It is a part of Solan district located in Himachal Pradesh. If you are looking to explore the natural beauty, Kasauli is the best place for you. It is formed by the Britishers in the year 1842 and since then, it has been attracting people from all the corners of the country providing them a lifetime experience. Its total distance from Chandigarh is around 77 km which can be travelled in an hour. It is located at a height of 1800 metres and experiences a cool climate. Winters are a bit chilly as the temperature usually drops down to 2-3 degrees so if you are traveling in winters, make sure you have made adequate arrangements. Some of the most visited places of Kasauli are Kasauli Club, Kasauli Christ Church, Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji and Kasauli Brewery.

Barog - 62 KM

Barog is more popularly known as a picnic spot and can reach through the Shimla-Kalka Highway. This destination has received its name after an engineer who died while the tunnel was under construction. He was buried somewhere around the tunnel and even the nearby village was named after him. The calm atmosphere of this place makes it the most visited destinations of all with people really admiring the beauty and sightseeing options. Renuka Lake is the first attraction that you can visit and explore the beauty of this lake. This lake got its name from Goddess Renuka who is also the mother of Parasurama. Other places that you can visit are Choor Chandni peak as well as Bon Monastery which are exciting and offer a thrilling experience.

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