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Getting Around Chandigarh

By Bus

CTU or the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is responsible for providing local bus transportation services in the city. It also provides transportation to nearby satellite towns: Mohali and Panchkula. The two main terminals for local buses are situated in Sector 43 and Sector 17. You will find regular buses in the city from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The CTU bus services are extremely efficient. The bus service is also very affordable. One only has to pay 10 Rs for a single trip to any destination. The fare is same for all distances. When you buy a bus ticket you will find a map of all bus routes in Chandigarh printed on the backside of the ticket. There are a total of 45 routes in the city of Chandigarh according to the New Grid Transport System. The bus rides are generally comfortable and hassle free. The only rush is during the peak working hours in the morning and the evening.

A recent development by CTU is air conditioned mini buses. They have been deployed on some important routes in the city. Some of these routes are IT Park, Railway Station, ISBT 17 and 43, PGI, etc. The fare for these buses is also Rs 10 for a single trip.

There are also special tourist buses available in the city like double-decker buses. These buses give tourists a tour of the entire city. The major attractions covered by these buses include Punjab University, Sukna Lake, the Secretariat, etc. One ticket allows a person to use this bus as many times he wants in one day. This allows tourists to spend as much time they want in one location. The sector 17 bus terminal near Shivalika View Hotel is the source station for these buses.

  • Fare: Point to Point Rs 10/, One Trip Rs 25, Half a Day Rs 50, Full Day Rs 75/.
  • For booking contact: Citco Tours & Travel Wing, ISBT, Sector 17, Tel: 5055462, 2703839.

By Taxi

There are only a few private taxi stations in the city. You can find yourself a private taxi at major places in the city like the commercial markets situated in each sector.

The UT Administration has outdone itself by introducing fully air conditioned private cab service. The private cabs are just a call away. You give them a call and they will arrive at your doorstep. Taxis are also stationed at the Airport and the Railway Station. The AC cabs are very comfortable and convenient for tourists. They serve the towns of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Uniformed drivers drive these comfortable air conditioned taxis. The Chandigarh taxis come with a complaint book. You can register a complaint with the State Transport Authority with the help of this book if you feel that the services caused you any kind of inconvenience. The cabs have GPS systems which help the government transportation department to manage their whereabouts.

For the first kilometer traveled in the cab, you have to pay only the meter down charges. The rate is Rs 15 for 1st kilometer and then additional Rs 15 for every kilometer you travel. You can call their number for further information: (0172) 4141414.

By Auto Rickshaw

Chandigarh is the only Union Territory in India which has radio auto service. It is very much similar to successful radio taxi service. The pink colored auto rickshaws charge Rs 10 for the first kilometer and then Rs. 8 for every additional kilometer. The local name of the auto rickshaw service is known as “Tuk Tuk”. It is available 24x7.

They are a very popular choice of transportation in the city. You can find them easily at major places like the railway station, bus station, commercial markets of the sectors, etc. Very few of them work in accordance to the meter. It is advised that you negotiate a price beforehand.

By Cycle Rickshaw

Three wheel paddle rickshaws are known as cycle rickshaws. They have driver seat in the front and the passenger seat for two in the back. It is a man driven vehicle which is appropriate for traveling small distances. For distances that are too short to be traveled by a bus, auto or cab, cycle rickshaw can come in handy. They are easily available all over the city. It is better if you negotiate the price beforehand. Ask locals about the appropriate rates so that you don’t get cheated to be paid extra.

By Cycle

Cycle tours are available for the tourists in the morning and also other parts of the day. The cycle ride along the Leisure Valley, Sukna Lake and the Rock Garden is a wonderful experience. Pedal Chandigarh allows you to rent cycles. You contact them via email. Their email id is: [email protected]. For further information you can check out their website also:


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