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Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

The weather is at its best between mid August and November. In this duration, the city experiences pleasant weather with bearable heat during the day and cool nights. Precipitation is also scarce, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.  Chandigarh is located near the foot of Shivalik Hills and experiences a humid subtropical climate like other cities of North India. It has clearly demarcated seasons throughout the year.

Winter season begins in mid November and continues till February. During this season, the temperature varies between 5 to 20 degrees, but can fall to 2 to 4oC in extreme winters, along with frost. Tourism is scarce during this period. With the arrival of spring in mid February, the climate becomes pleasant with temperature varying between 16oC to 20oC. This is a great time to explore the attractions of the city. After springs, the hot summer season sets in which continues till May. The scorching heat and low humidity during this season makes the tourists avoid visiting during this time. The best time to be in Chandigarh is after the retreat of monsoons.

By Mid-August, Chandigarh gets livened up with the touch of monsoons and ready for the upcoming tourist season.  The temperatures drop and pleasing winds soothe the visitors. From September to November, the city is teeming with tourists who wish to submerge themselves in the unique culture and warmth of this city.

If you are planning to visit the City of Gardens for the first time, be sure to have enough time to visit all the major sights of the city. September to March is the ideal time for planning longer trips with outdoor activities and sightseeing. For respite from one’s hectic schedule, one can also plan a short trip to Chandigarh. The ideal time for this is between June and August.

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