Chandigarh located around the Shivalik Range is a very lovely destination with no forest but just a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy. Though there are no dense forests in this region but you can explore small tracks round the Haryana and Punjab areas. The total forest area covered by both these states is around 2542 hectares while some of the patches found in Raipur Khurd village that forms a part of the Chandigarh city. Forest Department is trying its way out to create a Deer Park in Kansal Forest while a nursery just close to Hallo Majra village. This is done to promote the wildlife and make Chandigarh as one of the best tourist spots of India.

This city consists of only one tehsil with a number of community development blocks. In total, there are 5 towns as well as 25 villages that form a part of the city. Chandigarh experiences a continental climate with hot summers, chilly winters and lots of rain. The temperature of this place may differ from 0 °C to 44 °C with winters being best during the months of December and January.

During the monsoon season, this city receives about 104.8 cm of rainfall along with a few showers in winters too. The months between September and November are just excellent when the mornings can best enjoyed. The climate is moderate and you can explore this city without any problem. People usually prefer light clothes as summers are very hot while in winters you will find people covered with jackets, warm socks and sweaters. The younger generation usually loves to wear t-shirts as well as jeans and it is a common trend here.

Average Temperature during Whole Year

  • Spring: Spring season (from mid-February to mid-April) is considered to be an ideal time when you can visit Chandigarh. The temperature can vary from 16°C to 25°C at the maximum while 9°C to 18°C to its minimum.
  • Autumn: The autumn season begins from Mid-September to mid November with the temperature varying from 16° to 27°. The maximum temperature can reach up to 36°C while minimum temperature can be 11°C.
  • Summer: The summers begin from Mid-May and continue up to Mid-June. Temperature can range from 35°C to 40°C.
  • Monsoon: During monsoons, you can experience light as well as heavy rainfall depending on the weather. Usually a heavy rainfall comes from south while mostly the rains are said to come either from North West end or North East end. Till now the heaviest rainfall received in this city is limited to only 195.5mm.
  • Winter: The winter season starts from November and continues till mid March. During the winters, the nights are very chilly and its temperature can go up to 7°C to 15°C in case of maximum while 0°C to 8°C being the minimum. Rain received during the winters usually comes from the west and there can be heavy hail storms too.

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