Chandigarh is home to a wide variety of people belonging to different classes. The origin of majority of the inhabitants of Chandigarh is ethnic Indo Aryan. You will find diverse castes residing in this beautiful city of Chandigarh. Jat and Kahtris live peacefully next to each other even though they are two totally different cultures. The diversity in caste and class of the people of Chandigarh makes a unique cultural heritage of the state. Travelers are especially enthralled with their encounters with people of different caste and creed in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is said to be one of the most hospitable city in India.

The best thing about the people of Chandigarh is their happy go lucky nature. They are always smiling, cracking jokes, laughing and having fun in life. They are extremely jovial people whose company you will enjoy a lot. They are broad minded and cool and don’t shoot down opinions of other people. Chandigarh has become one of the leading fashionable cities in India. Chandigarh is also the capital of state of Punjab and therefore gets its warm and friendly nature from the Punjabis. The youth of the city is especially very hospitable and helpful. Wherever you go you will find the youth enjoying happening music, trendy clothing, having fun with friends, eating at funky restaurants, etc. Another good thing about Chandigarh is the serious of its people towards education. There are many reputed educational institutes situated in Chandigarh. The nightlife here is not too happening but you will find the fair share of night clubs and discos. The market, shops, restaurants are all generally open up till 10 pm.

Castes in Chandigarh

There are many castes in Chandigarh but the most prominent castes include Jats, Aroras, Khatris, Vaishas, Brahmans, Gujjar, Lohar, Sansis and Tarkhan. Apart from this many other minority castes also inhabit the state. The castes found in minority include Kalas, Arians, Awans, Soods, Kambohs, Sainis, Nais, Labans and Ahluwalias. You will also find Banias, Brahmans, Bhatias, and Chimbas in Chandigarh. Some of the castes mentioned above have Turkish, Persian and Arabian heritage.

The biggest community in Chandigarh is the Sikh Jats. They specialize in the field of agriculture and therefore contribute a lot towards the agricultural development of the state. Their major quality is their well built appearance. They are very determined people who have a will power so strong that it always keeps them on the path of righteousness. The Aroras and Khatris come after the Jats. Their main occupation is trade and business. Other minority agriculture related castes include Kambohs and Sainis. They are equally focused on both agriculture and trade.

Lifestyle of Chandigarh’s People

The inhabitants of the Chandigarh have adopted a leisurely lifestyle over the years. Their standard of living is much different from people in other major cities of India. But now that time is changing, people of Chandigarh are also trying their best to adapt to a fast paced life. The people of Chandigarh are friendly and warm hearted. Everyone in the city has a busy life but they still try to take out some extra time to spend with their family. Especially on the weekends you can see the people enjoying outings with their families in major tourist attractions in the city.

Chandigarh has become quite a fashion trendsetter in the past few years. You can get an idea of fashion from the youth. You can find the youth in malls, restaurants, cinema halls, etc flaunting their funky clothes. It is believed that people here are broad minded enough to easily accept changes in fashion. It is different from other metropolitan cities because of its nightlife. The whole city goes to sleep at 10 pm. Even the festival celebration don’t last after 10 pm. This maintains the law and order in the state. Despite of this fact, you will find a few decent night clubs and discs to hang out with your friends at night.

Chandigarh is a very safe and peaceful city especially because of its amazing administration. The government offices here are not only well maintained but they are kept up to date always. Some examples of good government offices include, the central bus department, SBI, telecom department, etc. The term Geri got its origin in Chandigarh. It is used to define the youth of the city. It means moving or patrolling in a particular area. The reason why the youth are called geri is because they choose to go out with their friends at the first chance they get.

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