Kerala- Gods Own Country

Kerala is one among the world’s popular location for Ayurvedic treatment. This God’s own country magnetizes people all over the world both for their touristic attractions and also for their world famous ayurvedic treatments. The chilly climatic condition with large quantity of verdant green forests favors the growth of increased number of herbs and medicinal plants that are mostly preferred for Ayurvedic therapies and alternate treatment. Kerala holds the crown to be the one and only state in all over India that is hub for this kind of treatment with complete perseverance and devotion. Apart from this Ayurveda medication, Kerala is very popular for its extraordinary beauty and ancient culture. They possess the secrets for various types of ayurvedic treatments like uzhichil and pizhichil to cure ailments like inflammatory disease and from beauty massages to improve the complexion of skin and hair. There are number of ayurvediccenter’s to carry out this treatment. No other place is as equal as Kerala to hold the beneficial effects of Ayurveda. Many natural herbs are grown in plenty number in the dense forests of Kerala including Amalaki, Aseagandha, Brahmi, Bharangi, Katphal, Shankhupusham, Yashtimadhu etc. Along with this, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Keezharnelli (PhylantusAmarus), Kilukillapa (Crotalaria Retusa Linn), Koduveli (PlumbagoZeylanica Linn) and enormous variety of additional herbs with unbelievable healing properties are present in Ayurveda of Kerala.

Kerala – One Destiny for all Ayurvedic Treatments

The one and only best place for tourism along with world popular ayurvedic treatments including yoga and meditation is Kerala. The place holds docile climatic condition with largely grown forest area and the chilly monsoon atmosphere is well suited for the ayurvedic therapies and remedies. Kerala is one among the best place in India to follow this methodology of medication with complete devotion. Additional characteristic that attracts Kerala as an outstanding destination for Ayurveda is the prominently grown medicinal plants and herbs.

Monsoon season is the best season to visit Kerala for ayurvedic treatment and holidaying as the climate is pleasant, free from mud, and also favors to maximum opening of pores in the human body. It aids in bringing the body more susceptible to aroma oils and other medical treatments. Because of these reasons, there are increased number of ayurvedic resorts and health epicenters.

Ayurvedic resorts located in Kerala are famous all over the world because of their dedicated treatments at the time of monsoon season. Apart from this Ayurveda medical facility, Kerala is also known for its scenery of beauty and ancient traditional culture. Most of the Ayurveda packages include the sight-seeing trips too.

All the ayurvedic resorts present in Kerala provide therapies and heal various health issues like inflammatory disease, paralysis, obesity, sinusitis, migraine, untimely ageing, and skin related problems. This type of ayurvedic therapies heal, cleanse and also revitalize the whole human body.The entireayurvedic health and fitness schedule in Kerala also supports Ayurveda oil massages and helps in increased circulation of blood, body streamlining, enhanced immunity, getting rid of all poisons from the body and also help todecrease the additional fat from the body.

The following are some of the well-known ayurvedic body therapies and body care process in Ayurveda


Pizhichil isa type of ayurvedic treatment in which tepid herbal oils are tightly pressed on the surface of the body with a special kind of cloth and followed by a massage by 2 to 4 well skilled therapists at the same time. This treatment is carried out for sixty to ninety minutes per day, for about seven to twenty one days. This therapy can bring magical relief for various rheumatic diseases including inflammatory disease, paralysis, hemiplegia, sex organs weakness, weakness of nervous system and other nervous disorders. This therapy is also effective in providing a calm and comforting effect that ultimately leads to increased circulation of blood.


In this treatment, either the entire body or any specific parts of body is subjected to sweat by gently applying barbecued rice (shastika or navara) on the surface within the style of boluses tightly tied in a muslin bag. Two to four trained people perform this treatment for 60-90 minutes in a day for duration of 14 days. This therapy is highly effective for all types of rheumatism, pain within the joints, limb leanness, high force per unit area, increased cholesterol and specific types of skin diseases. This method is also proved to be effective for strengthening the body, rejuvenation of the tissues and increased tonicity.


In Dhara, specific aroma oils, medicines dissolved in milk, medicines mixed with butter milk are applied on the forehead in a specific manner. This treatment is carried out for forty five minutes with duration of seven to twenty one days. This therapy is known to heal various sleep disorders;vatha pre-dominated ailments, mental tension and bound skin disease. The method also proves to be effective against early greying of the hair, decrease the headache, will enhance the power of organic process and assuage the eating disorder.


the ayurvedic treatment Vasti has to be carried out by two procedures. First,is the Snehavasti followed by Kashayavasti. Oil infused with all medical herbs is applied during snehavasti. This procedure is helpful to cure all vatha disorders including constipation, medicine ailments, paralysis, lower body ache, gout and rheumatism. Snehavastiis then followed by Kashayavasti. In Kashayavasti, a mixture of essence herbal paste containing oil, honey is simmered according to the patient’s condition and requirement. It is known to heal various disorders including inflammatory disease, constipation, paralysis, gout and several other medical ailments.


In sirovasthi, Luke warm oil flavored with all ayurvedic ingredients are taken in a cap and the cap is fitted on the top of head for fifteen minutes to one hour per day. The procedure can be repeated for maximum of seven days depending on the condition of patient.Sirovasthitherapy helps in curing facial dysfunction, lack of water in nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches and various other vatha based disorders.


This therapy is a typical massage treatment with flavored powder for about thirty to forty five minutes in a day for a period of fourteen to twenty eight days. This treatment helps to heal various diseases like hemiplegia, paralysis, obesity and bound rheumatic sickness.This therapy is also known to enhance the complexion of skin and also to restore the sense of touch and add on to weight reduction.


Abhyangam is a very special form of oil massage delivered with strokes depending on the type of disease for about forty five minutes per day. This can be done for duration of fourteen days. In this therapy, detoxifying herbaceous plant oils are mixed with proper proportion based on the disease of the patient. This therapy is known to be very famous in healing various age related disorders with additional benefits like pain relief, relief from stress, circulation improvement, higher sleep and suppleness. Patients suffering with increased fat, diabetes and various other skin diseases are really blessed to get relief by this therapy.


This ayurvedic therapy is mainly focused to treat nose, throat, sinus and head with the help of specific flavored extracts and oils. In this therapy, shoulders, chest and face are massaged with flavored oils and square measure is introduced into the nostrils. This ayurvedic treatment is known to be effectual against various nasal infections and headaches, sinusitis, migraine and coryza.


Home-made butter is made into a paste, flavored juice, milk and raw butter is administered internally in a proportionate quantity for a period of eight to twelve days. The function of butter is to lubricate all the routes within the body and pushes the toxins out from the system into the alimentary canal. This is an effective treatment for degenerative joint diseases, psoriasis and cancer.


Flavored leaves and herbs or flavored powders square measure are introduced to the total body in boluses along with hot medicated oils for forty five minutes perday. This can be carried out for duration of seven to fourteen days. This is an effective therapy to cure degenerative joint disease, spondylitis, inflammatory disease with distension and various injuries developed at the time of sport activities.


A mixture of cereals (Dhanya) and vinegar (Amla) is poured all over the body by a cadent method with the help of a special vessel for a period of forty five minutes to one hour daily. This therapy is known to be implausible against palsy, dysfunction, rheumatic problems and various other alternative diseases.

Yoni Prakshalanam

In this therapy, flavored oils and decoctions are introduced through the duct route. This is an unbelievable therapy for medical specialty disorders. In addition, this method also serves as apurification process for reproductive organs.


In this therapy, heat medicated oil is introduced over the lower back with flavored paste. This treatment is carried out for forty five minutes to one hour. It is an effectual therapy for any form of lower back pain and spinal disorders.


similar to Kativasthi, heat medicated oil is introduced to the chest for forty five minutes. This is an extraordinary therapy for respiratory disorder, alternative metastasis issues, heart diseases and muscular hurting.


It is a fermentation procedure with medicated cow’s milk. This is a very useful therapy to set back facial dysfunction, Bell’s palsy, speech disorders and alternative nervous disorders of the face.


Medicated oil is mixed with a special powder and is applied on the top of the head for about twenty to forty five minutes.  This brings good relief to headaches and sleeping sickness.


In this method a medicated flavored paste is applied on the affected area to cure various types of skin infections including pimples, spots on the skin, hypo and hyper pigmentation and rabble-rousing conditions including inflammatory disease, swelling and pain and other alternative injuries. The flavored powder and the process to arrange the paste depends on the condition of the patient.

A large number of Ayurveda treatment centers are present all over Kerala to cater various needs of patients with different packages.  Right from the therapies like uzhichil to pizhichil to heaingl various diseases including inflammatory diseases to beauty massages for skin and hair, Kerala stands as an unmatched place to satisfy all the beneficial characteristics of Ayurveda. Kerala possess a number of naturally grown herbs including Amalaki, Aswagandha, Brahmi, Bharangi, Katphal, Shankhupusham, Yashtimadhu etc. There is also turmeric; cinnamon, Keezharnelli (PhylantusAmarus), Kilukillapa (Crotalaria Retusa Linn), Koduveli (PlumbagoZeylanica Linn) and number of supplementary herbs inculcated with medicinal properties are widely found around all parts of Kerala.

The correct season for Ayurveda treatment is during the month of September as the atmosphere remains cool, wet and dust free. This in turn, increases the pores in the body and its susceptibility to flavored oils and medical aid. The following are the locations where affordable Ayurveda packages are available in Kerala:SomatheeramAyurveda Resort near to Kovalam, KottakkalAryaVaidyaShala, a hospital, beach and Lake Ayurveda resort and Surya Samudra Spa Niraamaya in Trivandrum, Keralyeem Ayurveda resort near to Alleypey and Ayurkshethra at Kumarakom.



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